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Transparency International, trade unions sign for whistleblower protection


Transparency International Sri Lanka together with more than 60 trade unions, signed the first-ever whistleblower policy today. 

They hope to meet with the President and the Prime Minister to gain their approval to have the policy passed as an Act. 

Saman Rathnapriya (Convener, Collective of Citizens Organisations), Joseph Stalin (Convener, Ceylon Teachers’ Union) and former Auditor General H. C. Mayadunne were counted among the trade union leaders present. 
Many of the trade unions allege that people are reluctant to speak up against corruption because of the lack of protection. 

 "The compilation of this policy took some months of deliberation. It is the collective contribution of many, including lawyers, policy makers and specialists in law and labour, Senior Manager Transparency International Shan Wijetunga said. 

"We hope the President and the Prime Minister will grant the policy recognition, to ensure the safety of those who speak out against corruption," he added. 

"To ensure the safety of whistleblowers is the responsibility of the state and the leaders. 

"Whistleblowers have been arrested, transferred removed from their position and penalized, in the past."

"Ending bribery and corruption and punishing those engaged in serious financial crimes during the previous regime were some of the top election promises of the United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) government."

"The civil society that ensured the UNFGG victory is keen on implementing a proper mechanism to prevent corruption, because an election victory and a change of a regime were not adequate to end the culture of corruption in Sri Lanka."

"Therefore it is high time for the government to approve this as an act,” he said. 


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