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Ministry to abolish FBR from female migrant workers


The Foreign Employment Ministry is to abolish the controversial Family Background Report (FBR) required from all potential female migrant workers seeking foreign employment.

The ministry has already appointed a team to evaluate the practice and the issues that have arisen from the requirement and will take all of it into consideration, Foreign Employment Minister Thalatha Athukorale told the Daily News.

The FBR which was earlier required only from female migrant workers travelling to the Middle East for low skilled jobs such as domestic aides and cleaning, was made compulsory for all females travelling abroad from July this year.

No such report is required from potential male migrant workers intending to go overseas. The report was introduced by the ministry in an attempt to 'prevent various difficulties and social problems arising from migration of women for employment'.

The ministry is set to announce the decision when it launches the welfare programme intended for migrant families on January 8 next year, the minister said.

"I have called for a report from my staff and the ministry has also sought opinions and suggestions from foreign employment agency organisations such as the Association of Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies and would take them into consideration," she said.

The ministry has asked for the opinions of different civil society groups as well, Athukorale said.

Rights groups and women's activist have continually protested against the report. A public interest litigation was filed earlier this month seeking an order to suspend the FBR Circular, claiming that it discriminates women due to their gender, age and marital status. Other rights groups maintained that FBR should be common requirement for both genders if it is made compulsory taking into consideration the welfare aspect of migrant families. 


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