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'Media ruining law and Police investigations'

Police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekera yesterday slammed journalists saying the media-at large is ruining the country's law and police investigations.

The Police Media Spokesman made this remark on record when a Daily News reporter asked about media reports on the Police statement made by the 26-year-old youth, who was allegedly abducted in Dematagoda on Monday, over the incident.

Some reports, quoting the Police Media Spokesman, said the youth had told Police that a UNP Parliamentarian threatened him following the alleged abduction.

When asked about the accuracy of the story, the Police Media Spokesman, the authority appointed by the IGP to liaise with media, said it should be checked with the reporter who wrote the story, and not with him. "I cannot correct each and every media report. I have better work to do. Speaking to journalists is not my only duty. I have a million other things to attend to!" the Police Media Spokesman told the Daily News reporter.

"I am not a fool to disclose the content of a Police statement. I am a lawyer as well. On the other hand, I have vast experience when it comes to matters related to judiciary," the Media Spokesman said.

SP Gunasekera also said he informed the CCTV to initiate action against television channels that aired the visuals of the incident before the identification parade with regard to the alleged assault and the abduction. 

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