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Nine new HIV infections every week in Sri Lanka

It is estimated that every week there are nine new HIV infections that take place in Sri Lanka and only four of them are reported (detected). Five new HIV infected persons join Sri Lankan society without getting detected (hidden) which pose a significant risk,

National STD/AIDS Control Programme Director Dr. Sisira Liyanage said.

According to Dr. Liyanage, it is the responsibility of the media, medical professionals and the common society to raise awareness and encourage the hidden HIV positive five persons to obtain medical treatment.

The medical treatment prevent HIV from developing into AIDS and also help to reduce the risk of spreading it to other healthy persons. The drugs will help to cure the disease easily and quickly if a successful drug/vaccine is developed in the future to cure AIDS.

Dr.Liyanage pointed out that a total of the 228 HIV/AIDS cases are found in Sri Lanka and 58 are AIDS. 167 of the infected are males and 61 were females.

The percentage between the ages of 25 - 49 was 76.7. A total of 25 HIV positives were found while testing blood at the National Blood Bank.

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