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Lankan maid to be stoned to death: SLBFE appeals

A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced a Sri Lankan woman to death by stoning, after she confessed to committing adultery.

The woman, a mother of two from Colombo was sentenced by a court in Saudi Capital, Riyadh.

The woman reportedly confessed before court to committing adultery with another Sri Lankan expatriate worker.

The Sri Lankan male worker who is involved in the case has been sentenced to 100 lashes.

According to SLBFE sources the woman had migrated to Saudi to work as a domestic worker a few years back.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) said that an appeal has already been filed in Riyadh court against the death sentence.

"Foreign Employment Minister Thalatha Athukorale is highly concerned. She has instructed our Embassy officials in Riyadh to take all steps possible to save the convicted woman," a spokesman for SLBFE said.

"The SLBFE has also paid the lawyers' fees. We are hoping that the court would revoke the death sentence and issue a lighter sentence," the spokesman said.

According to Saudi law, sentence for adultery is death by stoning. Executions may occur within prison boundaries or in a public square. Meanwhile, the news has already sparked heated debate and outrage on social media. 

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Its a pitty i guess for saudi's homosexuality is an accepted norm rather than straight people,,, hope this made will be spared

Such medieval practices are horrendous. Saudi Arabia should be ashamed of itself.

before it needs to cut head of our dirty politicians whose are responsible for sending all people to saudi for modern day slavery jobs.

What happened to the Saudi Bastard who raped her or lured into sex?

I beg from srilankan government please dont send our fellow sisters and brothers to all middle east countries called stupid sharia law to take innocent life for very simple human being will do such a henious crimes in this earth.we beg from all srilankan lafys please dnt go to middle east and work..pls finc the jobs in stilanka .dnt expect luxery life ..

Previousely they chop off our rihana young girl..very innocent life they cut short without proper investigation..we as a srilankan we dnt want to hear this kind of brutal killing in the face of the earth.s is there any responsible pple in srilanka.i kindly requesred pls dont send any srilankan to all the middle east countries..

The stupid sharia law changes according to the sexual requirements of rulers in middle east countries. Saudi men can have 2,3,4,5,6,7 or any no of wives. These people have used to violate human right of specially women in these countries in the coverage of sharia law and islamic religion. It is because of this stupid sharia law that the terrorists have stated beheading people of western countries.

Mr Asoka if you are ignorant of Sharia concept and law you should shut your mouth rather than making a fool out of yourself. The biggest problem is that when an ignorant man like you try to speak laud.. learn it first and then you can proclaim it or propagate it... Dont try to reflect your ignorance in the public, because we read comments and we know the sharia law rather than your Christianity.

Sri Lanka has wealth and gems. Invite private enterprises with tax benefits to help finance and educate women. Absolute poverty also makes them sell their bodies. They go to earn money. Govt. cant do it all. Lock up that meaningless sterile marching federation and start private institutes that can make income. Avoid obscene words as it wont help. English is universal and accesses information about the world. Teach English so they are not isolated. We have suffered long enough tied down to Sinhala only. Give everyone that opportunity

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