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Lankan maid to be stoned to death: SLBFE appeals

A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced a Sri Lankan woman to death by stoning, after she confessed to committing adultery.

The woman, a mother of two from Colombo was sentenced by a court in Saudi Capital, Riyadh.

The woman reportedly confessed before court to committing adultery with another Sri Lankan expatriate worker.

The Sri Lankan male worker who is involved in the case has been sentenced to 100 lashes.

According to SLBFE sources the woman had migrated to Saudi to work as a domestic worker a few years back.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) said that an appeal has already been filed in Riyadh court against the death sentence.

"Foreign Employment Minister Thalatha Athukorale is highly concerned. She has instructed our Embassy officials in Riyadh to take all steps possible to save the convicted woman," a spokesman for SLBFE said.

"The SLBFE has also paid the lawyers' fees. We are hoping that the court would revoke the death sentence and issue a lighter sentence," the spokesman said.

According to Saudi law, sentence for adultery is death by stoning. Executions may occur within prison boundaries or in a public square. Meanwhile, the news has already sparked heated debate and outrage on social media. 

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