Diplomatic moves are under way to bring Makandure Madush and 24 others who were arrestd by the Dubai and Sri Lanka Police at a hotel party in Dubai.

However, it is learnt that the Dubai Police may take at least 14 days to complete the investigation and the suspects are under interrogation. Informed sources in the United Arab Emirates told the Daily News that it is the practice in Dubai which have a ‘no-tolerance’ over abuse of banned substances including narcotics to exercise the full extent of their law and may not necessarily heed to appeals or requests of information from local counterparts.

“We understand that toxicology tests including blood samples have been taken by the Dubai anti-narcotic police from the individuals which will confirm the presence of drugs in their body,” the official said.

“The police are looking at the quantity and type of drugs consumed. They will proceed with prosecution and it is only at that point that Sri Lankan officials would be alerted.

Appeals for information on the status quo of the Makandure Madush case has gone unheeded.”

Officials say that only when individuals are to be prosecuted that relevant authorities would be contacted. “Until their preliminary investigations into the case is over, we have no say. We have no jurisdiction over the matter and any attempts to circumvent protocols are unwelcome.” Informed sources told the Daily News that Dubai police authorities may take as many as 14 days to conduct their investigations and may not reveal information during such time. “The release of information at this point in time is their prerogative.”

Sources within the police have said that the identity of the Provincial Councillor who is said to be carrying a diplomatic passport, the policeman and prison official and other singers who were netted in the raid “have not been established” as yet. It was however confirmed by local authorities that Angoda Lokka who was said to be in the lobby of the hotel at the time of the raid had managed to flee the premises by the time police had arrived.



Vijayani Edirisinghe

Special Task Force (STF) officers yesterday searched singer Amal Perera and actor Ryan Van Rooyen’s houses following the duo’s arrest in Dubai.

The STF had searched Amal Perera’s house at Maharagama and Van Rooyen’s house in Dehiwala.

STF sources said two empty cocaine capsules were found from Perera’s house.

The STF had seized a suspicious looking bag at Ryan Van Rooyen’s house in Dehiwala.

There was speculation yesterday night that brothers of the two artistes had been arrested for questioning, but could not be confirmed with the Police.



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