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  • Reply to: Thilanga divided SLFP: Navin   1 day 11 hours ago
  • Reply to: Minister Ramanayake takes Sumathipala and SLC to task   1 day 11 hours ago
    Hats off to Mr Ramanayake. You have missed out how Mr Sumathipala sent his supporters and SLC members on overseas cricket tours with US$350 a day allowance plus accommodation. He spent millions of SLC money to make his supporters happy.
  • Reply to: GMOA opposes introduction of Kotelawala Defence Academy Act to Parliament   1 day 12 hours ago
    Irrational and biased Act 16 ERPM must go as it was introduced by GLP for his daughter but now outdated. If any final equation to state MBBS is needed, they should sit the same Final Common MCQ as state. GMOA should be allowed to organize short intensive refresher MBBS course like the "Preintern program" and be well paid for their efforts unlike some of them being well known job agents grabbing commissions. Some integrity has to be the character of a sacrificially giving and teaching healer rather than be a blood letting wicked terrorist VP obsessed and insanely power intoxicated. Carlo SLMC violated the Medical Ordinance and has to register SAITM MBBS for internship training. In that, what is the rationale for GMOA to say that London A/L and high level IB diploma are not eligible for KDU MBBS. When current SAITM students, all admitted after UGC approval of August 2011 for local MBBS and entitled to SLMC registration are now told that they need to go to Nizhny, it is an intense violation of their human rights and freedom of choice.. They opted for local MBBS and not to wander in Nizhny or some other world or outer space. This limited TU has no right to dictate or kill patients. No doctor should be partaker of killing fields which GMOA mafia organize. GMOA mistake was trying to split the ONE CLASS SAITM students for a secret commission pact with several parties. Give the choice to the ONE CLASS to transfer to KDU without forcing them to go to the moon. KDU admits London A/L, SAITM admits London A/L and "State" admits foreign quota on London A/L So what is the problem. Does GMOA want to settle things or obey their paymasters to create trouble hoping to topple govt. and then learn some bitter lessons. Give ALL SAITM to choose KDU. If they wish to Nizhny instead, they could, but GMOA cant choose. SLMC vision must decide to register as a one time act or drown.
  • Reply to: A land left behind   1 day 16 hours ago
    War is over 9 years ago. Peace is there is people happy. Happiness is a matter for each individuals to reach. However regions under a government must be upgraded cleaned built transformed with the help of fellow countrymen govetnmentS local citizens. Transformation is vital. Elected govetnment must think these are the regions neglected for over 40 years urgent revival restoration rehabilitation is vital
  • Reply to: EQUALITY BEFORE LIBERTY   1 day 16 hours ago
    Customs traditions society it's behaviours numbers proportions education culture trust cooperation all determine where we stand in our society. Even in single famil no equality. It is a docial expression we will be nice to you but don't expect too much. You may not deserve it.
  • Reply to: CBK takes JO to task   1 day 16 hours ago
    Everyone waiting domething good may harp pen to the nation. Past not cheerful or pleasant mostly evil. Present static who does what how and which direction it is going no one seem to know. Promises made nothing progressing right direction. Is it mentality of the doviety or the politicians. Bright minds must be there. Character moral must be seeping thru everywhere still people attacking different segments of the populations. What a pity. Teaching of Buddha not reached the minds of many
  • Reply to: False reports circulating regarding President’s delegation to London   1 day 16 hours ago
    No harm travelling with wife. Doctor is a no no for a president healthy male with no health issues. However for mental peace he is ok but not doctors wife at taxpayer expense. Translator helpful ans dome security personal yes and no but may Need occasional attempt not far fetched reason. Poor tax payer must need to preserve his wealth for country
  • Reply to: False reports circulating regarding President’s delegation to London   2 days 5 hours ago
    Lunatic statement of deranged GMOA Ex Co type, obsessed with medical council registration, not knowing how GP accompanying a President behaves. Idiotic thinking that a GP will run into a London hospital waving a current licence and he'll be given a bed to practice on H.E. These are the type of GMOA obstruction arguments that are delaying the transfer of SAITM to KDU, trying to be "smart alecs" to make divisive conflicts. Once govt. admitted, all SAITM are ONE CLASS ACTION proceeding to MBBS. Once a GP carries sufficient drugs for minor ailments and is trusted by President, the GMC is not crazy to ask for certificates. If a Panadol is required on the plane, I wonder whose responsibility it would be to monitor whether from GMC or SLMC. GMC is composed of lawyers and other balanced non medicals known to have honesty and integrity more valuable for policy decisions than our brain twisted GMOA with SLMC megalomania imagining they are supreme gods which law and order cannot pronounce as violations. Great is the tragedy of our profession. Is it some religious fantasy that prevented Karapitiya from allowing British heart surgeon to operate free on the poor or is it sheer money mania, remembering this so called SB nation. Surely SL Consultant giving cover is righteous deed. What a wicked nation we are going to reflect through maniacal terror tactics of GMOA, which needs abolition/NCM. It is about time that H.E understood the nature of GMOA and legally dealt with course correction before gobbled up
  • Reply to: ‘Blue-green’ economic plan to fulfill SDGs - President   2 days 12 hours ago
    The Blue Green economic plan after three years still remains a plan as a pipe dream as the economy is thrown into chaos and a point of no return. Plans are made on a regular basis but even the best plans are useless with a strong political will. Hoodwinking the masses is still a strategy for survival by a government made up of two political fractions that espouse diverse policies that are a mis-match. This is further throlled by dishonesty. So long as these selfish objectives are in place the Yapalana government will not be able to create the economic revival and continue to the last lap of its existence. Sri Lanka will continue to be in this economic and political mess unless God intervenes and put in place a new order.
  • Reply to: False reports circulating regarding President’s delegation to London   2 days 13 hours ago
    I wonder why the President's Doctor went on the trip as he would not be able to even prescribe any medication if not registered by the GMC with a current licence to practice.
  • Reply to: On eve of independence, Bishop calls on politicians to look to national interest   2 days 14 hours ago
    It is commendable that the Anglican Arch Bishop as always has come out to support the truth.It is shameful that the Catholic Cardinal has not done the same.He had set a precedence by fraternising with the politicians especially one regime.The most important question is that of Law and Order and the need to enforce it in a just and independent manner.To guarantee the rights of every citizen irrespective of Religion , Ethnicity and social status is vital above any other considerations.The Religious leaders should exercise control in disciplining their clergy and priest and strictly enforce the rules within the organisation.It is important that the Government functions independently of Religion although it can take advice. A concerned Catholic.
  • Reply to: CBK takes JO to task   2 days 15 hours ago
    CBK has nothing to talk about Country or Governance as she destroyed The Armed forces during her tenure and went begging to India to save the 40,000 thousand armed personal in the Jaffna Peninsula by sea in the face of LTTE ASSAULT and destroyed the two of the biggest camps in Mullativu and Elephant Pass during her governence. Once she told that Sinhalese Buddhist fabrication of Sri Lanka must be destroyed and I am of the view that today she was talking about Yahapalana not from the mouth and may be from some other opening. It is the duty of the politicaians to destablise or destroy the so called Yahapalana for the long term benefit of the country and its people and His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse and the JO IS DOING the historical work in that respect. The best thing happened in the NCM is that they lost the 2/3 rd majority. In case if it is required, JO and SLPP must bring people to the street to force the Yahapalana government to stop all policies bane to Sri Lanka including Constitutional reforms, Taking Armed forces to unhcr organised arbitration in the retext of missing person and threatening action to Buddhism as the foremost Religion in the country, and all economic policies distabilizing the lives of the masses of Sri Lanka.
  • Reply to: CBK takes JO to task   2 days 17 hours ago
    She is right in certain way. Once he decided to contest as an MP his past achievement is not there. Instead of an advisor he become a critic of the party or a group. Ie MR
  • Reply to: SLR president Asanga Seneviratne goes down memory lane   3 days 14 hours ago
    I totally agree with Asanga's comments and a well written article. I could also express the same sentiments when it comes to sportsmanship, rivalry, and brotherly love between Royalists and Thomians as well. As a sportsman from Royal (Hockey to be precise) the games between Trinity and St.Thomas' were two matches we used to look forward to. The year I played Hockey for Royal my Opposite number was Late Ranil Abeynaike of St.Thomas' fame. And at tuition classes we were close buddies as such to tackle each other on the field was a tough decision, and the two captains probably were confused as to what was going on. Those were the days in early 1970's
  • Reply to: Security to be beefed-up at tourist hotspots   3 days 23 hours ago
    Harassment by beach boys to foreign women is a commen practice in Sri Lanka and the authorities and police have a closed eye on this issue because they are afraid of the beach boys ,as they will take revenge from them if they punish Swiss wife was a victim of harassment by beach boys and I am afraid to to walk along with my wife on the beach in the evening.i know many tourists who get harassed by beach boys leave the country without complaining as they don't want to get ignored by the uneducated police who cannot speak English .goverment is interested in only bringing the tourists but not there safety,due to this reason we cannot attract the rich tourists.