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  • Reply to: President to sign execution warrants   5 months 5 days ago
    We honor H.E for his deep commitment to not only eliminate drug offences from children upwards, but to uproot it from society with elimination of responsible drug lords imprisoned. The behavior of the drug possessed is tragic for all, and that insanity must be brought to nothing as it infiltrates all aspects of society, including the sexual filth and mind control, the goal of university ragging. The drug entry points into country are overlooked by high officials for bribes, causing gross injustice to citizens battling to lead children along moral paths. The Buddha never craved money "thanha" but gave it all up. Some political religiofacists crave both money and power and use monks in the process, giving monks authoritarian violent rule which monks do not possess legally over civilians. Further, their repulsive addiction to beetle chewing, the ingredients in the chew being scientifically accepted as cause of oral cancer. This leaves a heinous legacy for ignorant village community to get cancer, who even wash the spittoons as if it is a sacred duty. MPs should not hype SB religious mania for votes or small Sri Lanka could become worse than Jihadists/ISIS or any rebel violence.
  • Reply to: Susanthika showers praise on Sports Minister   5 months 5 days ago
    Don't forget the Engineers who Built the Sugathadasa Stadium!
  • Reply to: Win Rs. 10mn every week on Dialog Mega Wasana   5 months 5 days ago
    Out of 30 draws I have not got a single number. Have no faith in your lottery.
  • Reply to: Lanka, a fully developed country by 2050 - PM   5 months 6 days ago
    best joke of the decade
  • Reply to: Many farmer issues solved during last 3 and half years: President   5 months 6 days ago
    That is why we see so many road blocks and protests by farmers! May be they are aggitating as a means of physical excercise ? What deceit!
  • Reply to: Monk strangles Police Officer to death   5 months 6 days ago
    Buddhism in action?
  • Reply to: President promises corruption free development drive   5 months 6 days ago
    From the days of Minister of Health this cynical Sirisena have continued his sarcasm and cynicism. One of the above comments refers to as H.E. Cynical sirisena himself have requested not to Honour him as he knows the politicians in Sri Lanka are worthless worms. So Why this man Honours him is mindboggling. Both the leaders are psedo-philosophers who come up with conceptual views while they present talks to forums on variuos subjects. This is a corrupt governnment led by mafiaso who in fact are in the parliament itself. This is a mafia regime with full of environmental terrorists, including leading businessmen in Sri Lanka, who in fact should be eliminated.
  • Reply to: Wise move by Army Chief   5 months 6 days ago
    Wise man
  • Reply to: Honouring late Dr. C. W. W. Kannangara   5 months 6 days ago
    Father of free education great vision and wisdom statue we hope is in the right place must be surrounded by permanent landscape not spoiled by birds etc with their stuff
  • Reply to: Lanka, a fully developed country by 2050 - PM   5 months 6 days ago
    You are joking, not with you lot, yes when we get people who put the country first.
  • Reply to: House probe misconduct of Wimal, Prasanna   5 months 6 days ago
    Can you call these Rowdies Peoples Representatives? Why is the Speaker so afraid of these Uncivilised Barbarians? I think the Speaker should resign instead of playing games
  • Reply to: Monk strangles Police Officer to death   5 months 6 days ago
  • Reply to: Sixty injured in private bus collision   5 months 6 days ago
    Its a pity the two bus drivers did not die. There should be the death penalty for such drivers who recklessly endanger the lives of innocent citizens
  • Reply to: Monk strangles Police Officer to death   5 months 6 days ago
    Sad to see, hear and listen to this kind of incidents. Doesn't know what has happened to our buddhist monks in our respective religion buddhism. I'm a generation born buddhis from down south Ahungalla though I live here temporary and its hurts by watching online newspaper and live TV news bulletins. Our times monks lived in tempals in calm peace and religious way. Wish and hopes to come back the same old days. Buddhusaranai.
  • Reply to: ‘GMOA to strike if demands not met’   5 months 1 week ago
    GMOA newly elected old ExCo demands both money and attention, and strikes to have a holiday from pp round the clock. Poor patients don't count in their equation. Which doctor will not grab an extra holiday. MPs beware, or be replaced for foreign trips and commissions as the permanent GMOA mafia goal is total replacement of SLMC with TU control of whole profession and nation Hitler type. GMOA dictates. All bow.