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  • Reply to: MR’s doosra   16 hours 22 min ago
    this crook must be executed and not sent to prison.
  • Reply to: Dubai Police help Lankan man meet daughter in Switzerland   17 hours 7 min ago
    Very good sir,you are always there to help for the helpless,God bless you.
  • Reply to: Watery grave for three students   23 hours 45 min ago
    meka harima awasanawantha siduweemak. Dinapathama wagey mey kanagatudayaka puwatha ahanna labenawa..Wedihitiyoth mewata waga kiyanna oney!!!!
  • Reply to: Another dengue prevention programme   1 day 1 hour ago
    We were educated to believe that stagnant water is breeding ground for Mosquitoes of any kind .I have visited the Negombo town time and time again and though there is a system of a network of drains all covered by concrete slabs I wonder how and why so many Mosquitoes seem to be rising out of the areas in between the concrete slabs .The water seem stagnant .and does seem to flow downward to the sea coast or to the soaking grounds that existed those days at Kundanwila .The latter has been filed up with no care to the drainge of an urban area that lies below sea level .May be an expensive pumping system will pump the water out and flush it to the sea as it should .May be we should educate the people not to sweep their garden rubbish to the drain openings .Did the Enginners plan for the steady flow of water the water to avoid stagnant pools water a sure breeding ground for the nasty .This has been so for the past 20 years of my reckoning ..We leave it to the Negombo local government authorities to attend to this as a priority for I have heard that Dengue is a menace in this idyllic fishing town .Nets round the bed may help but one of those nasties can be a lethal weapon for the vulnerable walking in the town may be .
  • Reply to: Why a Bollywood memoir about being gay in India has kicked up a storm   1 day 6 hours ago
    Many Asian countries are still living in the dark ages and don't realise that the world has moved on. I am not gay but for several years I have done voluntary work in gay related charities and at first hand seen the sufferings the LGBTQ community members go through even in nations it is no longer a crime. When it is criminalised, it must be a hundred times as horrible.
  • Reply to: Corporate donations bankrolling Trump’s inauguration break records   1 day 6 hours ago
    This unfettered political donations inevitably leads to corruption. Is it any wonder the entire election system in USA is riddled with irregularities. If democracy is to survive, money should be taken out of politics.
  • Reply to: Rs.5.7 m robbed from bank ATM   1 day 8 hours ago
    It has to be an internal set up Robbers will never know that it is possible to enter from the back door, unless they are clearly guided and informed with auspicious time and the settings.
  • Reply to: Reconciliation, peace achievable only if justice is meted out: Wigneshwaran   1 day 9 hours ago
    Mr. Wigneshwaran, pls do not ever think of any reconciliation with majority if you are going to maintain this kind of mentality. What sort of justice are yyou talking about as asking federal or separate state or ilam or police powers or land powers are justice. the more you talk about those more go away from majority and you can only day dream.
  • Reply to: We can beat dengue: Let’s do it   1 day 9 hours ago
    This plan of action was repeatedly proposed by me but fell into the deaf ears of the authorities. Further Sri Lanka is surrounded by sea effectively preventing spreading of dengue therefore it could be effectively eradicated . Secondly it is a virus not a living organism like a bacteria. If we follow its incidence, even though dengue has flared up in natural surroundings it also has had waned and lost its virality in natural surroundings. Therefore nature and trees are a natural cure. We need maximum concentration on urban areas and what needs to be eliminated is the infection and not the mosquitoes. The infection pattern has to be studied and quick action to eliminate the infected mosquitoes ( not all mosquitoes ) is necessary. 90 % of the breeding areas is within government control and very little action is taken. Individuals throw containers in drains and water ways and into neighbours compounds which indicates they want to avoid fines rather than eradicate mosquitoes. Very little action is taken on real breeding spots as identified in your article. Therefore while fully endorsing your article I tend to disagree on the fines as it only had filled up the pockets of corrupt individuals and has not lessened spreading of the disease. Fines also would tend to reduce the speed of information which is the most vital factor. Speed of action is the most vital factor. In the long run nature has the ultimate solution. For example the Indians believed that the Indian Willow tree drove away evil spirits. Later it was discovered it had salicylic acid from which aspirin was formulated. The whole programme should be handed over to a special unit who may be rewarded on the basis of effective reduction and not be left in the arm of corrupt vultures who have prospered on spread of the disease although they claim they are attempting to prevent the disease. The Government instead of intelligently acting on the problem has made the public the scapegoat which has resulted many fold increase of the virus which could have been eradicated. They have only succeeded in releasing corruption in addition to dengue.
  • Reply to: Heavy traffic in Fort due to anti-SAITM protest   1 day 9 hours ago
    SAITM MBBS is here to stay. Entering University seems to dissolve the brains that were there and they will come out with no brains
  • Reply to: Heavy traffic in Fort due to anti-SAITM protest   1 day 10 hours ago
    I believe everyone should have their freedom to express their views in marches and organised protests. The government should allocate an area where such gathering should take place. They should not inconvenience other people who go about their business. In the Rajapakse govt. rule time there were not such issues. Why is it that now there are so much issues? I also don't like the Sri Lankan airlines rip off and the chairman being a sex worker supplier of innocent employees to the highier ups. This fellow should be immediately imprisoned based on complaints .
  • Reply to: Why India doesn't want Trincomalee   1 day 10 hours ago
    give it to china you sinhala beggars. when are you beggars going to repay all loans to china. sinhala beggars don't want to devolve power to tamil minority but they are prepared to give land to china. if sinhala beggars can't repay the loan , china will take the land.
  • Reply to: Coca Cola interested in using Sri Lanka as a production hub   1 day 12 hours ago
    Well said Sunil ! Cheers !
  • Reply to: Dearth of over 2,000 skilled workers, bane to construction industry   1 day 13 hours ago
    The solution to this problem is more trade oriented schools throughout Sri Lanka.The construction industry must seriously think of employing school leavers and train them to suit the requirements of the building industry.
  • Reply to: Peace Air to operate six A380 aircraft from Mattala   1 day 13 hours ago
    In fact, according to my knowledge there's no actively operational air line called "Peace air " & this is a “photoshoped picture”, if anybody knows any operational level Airline called “Peaceair” please put a link here, Also according to my knowledge Malaysian airlines have 6 A380 Airbuses, so according to him.. Dose Malaysian airlines going to close soon...& give their aircraft to him!!! - Anyway I haven’t noticed any “Malaysian air is going to close” in any news anywhere…