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  • Reply to: Professor Carlo Fonseka admitted to hospital   2 days 14 hours ago
    Hope he recovers soon. He is breaking down under the yoke of mafia pressure. Should give internship to doctors like how he got it and not go to courts asking for injustice. Justice wins and warns not to mess.
  • Reply to: NFF sends letter of withdrawal to UPFA   2 days 14 hours ago
    Come on brother, you can break the record. Nobody minor party member won an election after breaking away from a coalition where he was a member. Come on brother..
  • Reply to: In favour of private university education   2 days 17 hours ago
    That's a bull's eye. Congrats writer. The mob mania hype and traffic jam is induced at any time of crucial decision making in threatening judiciary, motivating SLMC to go to courts, meeting with President, questions in parliament and nothing short of even an attempted murder. GMOA thugs obstructed SAITM all the way and even after Supreme Court allowed Forensic and Community Medicine at Avissawela Hospital which exempts from ERPM, their idea being to trap SAITM at ERPM Act 16 and fail as substandard. SLMC deans suggest with ulterior motive to clinically clerk, knowing very well that GMOA will follow up with obstruction There is no practical way for SAITM in hospitals except as interns and that is what GMOA hindrance through SLMC is about, until govt. is forced to take over. If President and Judiciary are wise, they will uphold internship for SAITM which will allow them to establish more private meds. to improve education for future generations. Or we can continue impoverished forever though with wastage of potential. The tragedy of SAITM is that it has started producing excellence and the rest cant stomach it. Some join protest mobs in ignorance. Others think majority will win whatever it is. Sad.
  • Reply to: Modular housing: Making housing affordable   2 days 18 hours ago
    Great idea for SL. I had suggested this idea sometime back and pleased to see its eventual fruition. Prefabricated buidings are very much in demand in Australia for Railway stations, extension of Hospitals, Schools etc.
  • Reply to: French Army grooms eagles to down drones   3 days 14 hours ago
    as history about the Indian's,once a oupon a time ( a princers, a queen)during her pregnant,that she was getting rest of the time mpressively, on the palace of the balcany, once huge eagle ,caught her by beek very sharp, may be! but iorn and tecnic power of drone, why fears for cruel egal power, very poor,!
  • Reply to: Fashion is individualistic   3 days 15 hours ago
    but persernaly fashion is not individuwal ,why all of the modelerst not to avoid another's fashions!
  • Reply to: Death sentence for Gampaha quintuple murder second accused   3 days 17 hours ago
    Muge mass kanna thiyenne
  • Reply to: President wants IGP to draw up plan to combat ragging   3 days 18 hours ago
    Ragging usually done for some fun and introhce newcomers to the camp but done in friendly dignified manner. Lately lot of torture humiliation damage to person insult to female students. Where does it come from by various forms of violence torture xperience by the citizens in the form of social conflicts created by the government with discipline higher up killing kidnapping sbductions all these youngster exposed. Now time to learn peace respect to fellow humans warm welcome to newcomer to the various camps in universities. University rules ragging in any form is illegal with note of suspension expulsion prison if violence lead to complaints as case of assault with physical mental emotional injury to person persons or groups
  • Reply to: Simply natural   3 days 18 hours ago
    Comfort quality of life exposure sun shade wind. Natural light preferred. Not too much glare in sun need protection to improve comfort colour bold neutral pastel preference differ tend to expand space with paler constrict space if darker approach to ceiling with brightness or darkness has different sensation heighten with lighter and shorter illusion with darker. What you choos must improve your feeling of well being brighten your mood not use much energ lessen the cost of maintIance of your abode
  • Reply to: But journalists can never be silenced   3 days 18 hours ago
    Gotabaya,Namal and Yoshita for Thajudeens with Gotabaya and MR with Anura Senanayake as accessary for Lasantha's murderand ekneliyagoda Keith gota and MR If they are not arrested,there would be demonstrations in australia,england and Sri lanka in the Galle face Green,Ranil and Sirisena wath out people are not stupid they want Justice to be done,Gotabaya is s cold blooded murderermhe must pay for this crime s against humanity the Govenrnment would not exist any more
  • Reply to: Dhanushka agrees to pay compensation to M.S. Fernando family   3 days 19 hours ago
    Dhanuska,u are great tat this young age,accepting the mistake is a quality of Mahathma, you have long way to go. Wish you all the best.
  • Reply to: Dhanushka agrees to pay compensation to M.S. Fernando family   3 days 19 hours ago
    Dhanushka will indeed prosper in life. A manly thing indeed, to accept the mistake and compensating the family of a great singer. We salute you Dhanushka and we wish you all the very best.
  • Reply to: COPE directs UGC to submit report   3 days 19 hours ago
    We salute COPE coming to the scene !
  • Reply to: Private medical universities: GMOA stays neutral   3 days 22 hours ago
    This maniacal agitation to suppress the democratic freedom of education for all, by a group of psychopaths including the GMOA should be nipped in the bud. More and more private medical and other educational institutes should be started to pave the way for a majority of talented and qualified students to follow higher education. As done in most other countries funds should be granted on a loan basis to the qualified and deserving students who cannot find finance for the higher education. Once they have secured the degree and gainfully employed the loans can be recovered from them later. The standard of education in such institutes must be monitored by a high powered central authority. Even the standard of education of Government universities must be strictly scrutinized and monitored by that authority. The standard of education of government universities cannot be taken for granted. The hypocrisy and the villainy of the political party and its thugs active in universities and traversing in the lunatic fringe should be exposed and rejected by one and all forever.
  • Reply to: COPE directs UGC to submit report   3 days 22 hours ago
    The degree awarding status of all Universities should be under scrutiny, not just SAITM. The qualifications of many of the Doctors and Engineers passing out of public Universities are dubious to say the least. This is the reason why those who can afford it, opt for treatment overseas.