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  • Reply to: Radiocarbon test reports submitted to court   2 days 3 hours ago
    hope will help us for ever
  • Reply to: Weddings made easy   2 days 4 hours ago
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  • Reply to: Ladies only compartments soon   2 days 5 hours ago
    Very good idea, but they introduced same to CTB bus service, which was failure as most ladies did not travel in that bus.
  • Reply to: Angoda condominium apartment complex to be put up for sale   2 days 5 hours ago
    Could you please give us the price and the procedure of the application at your very earliest.
  • Reply to: Has Kusal’s epic innings given Hathuru a lifeline?   2 days 6 hours ago
    The coach Hathuru had no hand it, it was entirely a spirited effort by a never say die Kusal.
  • Reply to: REIGN IN SB FOR CONTEMPT OF COURT   2 days 6 hours ago
    He has been asking for it.
  • Reply to: A timely decision   4 days 14 hours ago
    What remains to be highlighted is the need for proper training by competent trainers before the drivers are let loose on the highways and byways.Good number of licenses are granted for considerations other the required competency to drive properly.
  • Reply to: PALALI TO BE DEVELOPED AS AN INT’L AIRPORT   4 days 14 hours ago
    Will these dreams become a reality or are they promises made prior to elections by politicians!
  • Reply to: More Consular offices at regional level - Marapana   5 days 4 hours ago
    I love sangakkara
  • Reply to: ‘Law’ in schools   6 days 2 hours ago
  • Reply to: New Constitution, a long felt need   6 days 9 hours ago
    Civilized society every citizen born has a place with peace and hope right to birth place is vital
  • Reply to: Lanka Phosphate incurs Rs. 20 mn loss   6 days 20 hours ago
    This one venture that could be shut down easily. If it is cheaper to purchase phosphate from outside why not take that route.
  • Reply to: Disabled soldier receives house from Sri Lankan Tamil couple in Oman   1 week 5 hours ago
    THANK YOU Mr and Mrs Mohanshankar. You all are true sons and daughters of Mother Lanka. GOD BLESS YOU !!!
  • Reply to: Colombo road network needs three-fold increase by 2030- Patali   1 week 11 hours ago
    Why not improve the present rail system and prevent unruly drivers. A system of charging drivers to enter the City would also reduce the pollution.
  • Reply to: Govt funds research on value added spice products   1 week 1 day ago
    Great news. But, there is difficulties to go ahead. The system needs to be correct from the bottom level. Ceylon cinnamon is a unique product to Sri Lanka. Most of our cinnamon products export to Mexico as bulk. Mexico does not request high quality product (comparatively) and most of producers and peelers do not produce top quality cinnamon sticks with following common demand of mid or low quality products. We mixed up high quality parts and low quality parts of the cinnamon bark together, and selling for lower market. If the producers prepare high quality products, no proper demand come from intermediate buyers. Accordingly, it is difficult to find high quality Ceylon cinnamon in the general market. Commonly available sticks are filled with garbage of cinnamon parts inside. Nobody can guarantee what are things filled in inside of the sticks. Growers need maximum weight. Peelers need to produce maximum output within minimal time. Accordingly, there is many things to correct. Lot of discussions may going on at top level. But, most of growers don't know even this is a unique product to Sri Lanka and be worth such as gem. We are from True Ceylon Spices. Visit us at