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  • Reply to: Gotabaya undecided on entering politics; says he’s studying Trump   6 hours 13 min ago
    Studying Trump will make him go into an unfathomable depth not easily understood. Trump has convictions. He obeys a higher call whatever antics he may be appearing to do now. They may even look weird, but he is a winner all the way and no turning back. His deep conviction is to bring the US embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, which was the name change of Jacob, by the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He is a bold leader who may make what appear to be mistakes, but the fact that GR is studying him says things.
  • Reply to: Petrol bowser driver in underhand business   6 hours 25 min ago
    It is happening every where for long time you better on alert & Check.
  • Reply to: Obituaries   8 hours 58 min ago
    Colombo which was a clean city two years ago is now becoming dirty again as the roads are strewn with garbage which is not removed for days. Stray dogs are not cleared off the street. Hence they ransack garbage bins and scatter the contents on the roads thus spreading desease and providing ideal breathing places for mosquitoes and flies. The dengue eradication program thus becomes only propaganda to boost the ego of politicians as swams of Mosquitoes and flies have a field day. Furthermore the flogging vehicles have dissapeared from the roads. Here is an URGENT CALL:Government and Municipalities stop political propaganda and get down to business in solving these issues before calamity strikes!
  • Reply to: Weerawansa ends nine-day hunger strike   10 hours 38 min ago
    Maybe MR smuggled in a pkt of Lemon Puff???
  • Reply to: GMOA threatens ‘biggest ever strike’   12 hours 26 min ago
    Strike a not a solution for doctors. Lack of responsibity uncaring attitude.all strike should be banned if the msjorotiy of harmed by it. The ring leaders should be charged by law The rest should be fined which should be multiplied for ring leaders
  • Reply to: ‘Dr. Neville Fernando Hospital not a teaching hospital’   12 hours 32 min ago
    The building look fabulous. I assume there are enough bed patients doctors of most specialities. If do it can and should become a hospital to teach train medical students. Ie up to government and doctors working there should discuss with administrators.
  • Reply to: President says will stand by War Heroes   12 hours 40 min ago
    Not war heroes but some and some politicians should be take responsibility who etc named by independent the commission should analyse 63 year history and name them
  • Reply to: Gotabaya undecided on entering politics; says he’s studying Trump   13 hours 45 min ago
    He need not study Trump. He is the Local Trump.
  • Reply to: Large scale ethanol production unit uncovered in Puttalam   13 hours 46 min ago
    Get these guys to improve the method to be productive and efficient, to export Ethanol to USA.
  • Reply to: Wimal Weerawansa transferred to National Hospital   13 hours 53 min ago
    This is done by his own choice and if anybody tries to reverse his " will" do do as he pleases that person or persons will be " violating his human right"!!!!. So let me exercise his Human rights and do as he please while the law must be exercised equally to all citizens and not twisted to suit Weerawansa.If the other prisnors too exercise their " Human rights" then so let it be and treat them also equally and get them to the National hospital. Also it should be ensured that nobody visits him - specially MR and his cohorts as they might resort to bringing him lemon puff and other eatables like last time and fool all of us. Irrespective of the status of the visitor nobody should be allowed to go near him other than his wife and children on humanitarian grounds, and that too under heavy guard and body searches. Also the people assigned to guard should be carefully watched as the JO horu might bribe them to give this fellow things to eat on the sly.Maximum security should be ensured that nobody should go near him other than doctors and that too , where nothing should be given in the form of food without his consent. Let him fast until he dies and exercise his Human right to either live or die!Its upto him.
  • Reply to: Weerawansa must be dealt with according to the law: JVP Leader   14 hours 44 sec ago
    Hats off to the JVP leader although I am not a JVP fan. In this instance Anura Kumara has said the truth boldly and may I add that should this Weerawansa be released on bail for any reason then the Judiciary will stand ridiculed and untrustworthy and partial. Let the law take its own course but to be fair by Weerawansa it is suggested that this case is not dragged for years but quickly heard and concluded and verdict is given as soon as possible. Government should also ensure that special courts are set up to finish off all these corruption cases and quickly concluded as the people are gradually getting fed up with this waiting game and will be counter productive to the Government in the long run.
  • Reply to: Fort railway station bomb blast: LTTE suspect sentenced to 20-years rigorous imprisonment   14 hours 41 min ago
    this cant happen. This LTTE terrorist must be released. Gotabaya must be locked up for the crime of saving our country.
  • Reply to: Gotabaya undecided on entering politics; says he’s studying Trump   18 hours 55 min ago
    Gota says is very capable and talented to do many things including to be the President of this country. If so, why did he abandon the SLArmy and migrated to do a menial job in the US in 1990?. If you have power and vast amount of money and armed forces under your control, you can do wonders in good and bad manners. In African countries, it is happening for many years. He boated abut urban development. having seen the pathetic condition of metro areas, the World bank provided the US $ 500 million fo upgrading all infrastructures including traffic management. But, Gota utilized through his catchers to pave the roads with colorful interlocking blocks and created more floods. What did he do about the traffic and solid waste disposals having all the resources?. His brother was afraid of him as he had the tri forces under him and allowed him to be a dictator during his period. We can not expect a similar set up to come in the near future.
  • Reply to: Gotabaya undecided on entering politics; says he’s studying Trump   19 hours 27 min ago
    Goata, how can you think of entering politics? You should be entering the jail and BTW you are also a dual citizen !
  • Reply to: Laugfs Terminals to borrow US$ 42.6 mn from People’s Bank   1 day 32 min ago
    Hemachandra Malli, Congratulations, you are an assest to Wegapitiya. Professor Jinadasa Ayya.