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  • Reply to: Sriyani Wijewickrama takes oaths as State Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government   3 days 1 hour ago
    Very good to see another minister. Strenthening our parliament bigger than the Army.
  • Reply to: Ranjan stands firm in SC   3 days 2 hours ago
    Ranjan has said what we all want to say but couldn't because several reasons. We need someone bold enough to say it. The strange thing is, the extents these corrupted are willing to go to show that theory are good.
  • Reply to: ‘Upgrade the quality of higher education’: Premier   3 days 3 hours ago
    Hon. PM shows the focus, but this journey begins at the very core of our being, the heart. Quality of excellence involves every aspect of our whole being, nature, character, morals, ethics, spirituality, mind and intellect, pure emotions, selfless free will that is generous, responsibility towards others in society to live in peace and reconciliation. It needs to be the futuristic building of society to leave a heritage for the generations to come living here. Current higher education issue is not just medicine but whether fees could be paid to get taught and trained by professionals of the same class as those in the state. The war is about Govt. decisions being overruled by trade union action aligned with the opposition. The quality and atmosphere of higher education seems to reflect the manner of parliament than the intellectual capacity of uni life. Bereft of ethics, morality and selflessness, its like the beetle rolling the bubble up the hill or even someone trying to climb a waterfall. You get nowhere except if you give up, you get zero.
  • Reply to: ‘Upgrade the quality of higher education’: Premier   3 days 4 hours ago
    Maybe All Academic Staff should go and have a look at Successful Universities in the West!
  • Reply to: ‘Upgrade the quality of higher education’: Premier   3 days 4 hours ago
    Most important thing is to maximize the analyzing power of the students. Without doing it, quality of higher education cannot be upgraded. It will be a difficult task to do it in Sri Lanka, as the University teachers are not used to it!!
  • Reply to: Namal's Gowers case trial date extended   3 days 4 hours ago
    What Ranjan Ramanayake says is true,The Juidiciary is also upto Bribery and Corruption for VIP's only The entire Judiciary should be Reshuffled
  • Reply to: Polythene banned for polls   3 days 7 hours ago
    cant we banned the politicians in SL...
  • Reply to: Medical education minimum standards set   3 days 10 hours ago
    Admission based on skills intelligence character respect for humanity social,skiing money dhould not be the plan social skills helpful to the society protection of human rights must be in the graduates of the future skills compassion kindness all must be considered. Recent strike by our doctors indicate that.
  • Reply to: Stand up for Human Rights   3 days 10 hours ago
    Are we all thinking of our rights. The responsibility come from all of us to see fellow humans including children women are treated with trust honesty kindness respect love passion eith sll support many countries just plainly openly a uses it invluding army police and failing in all aspects the basic needs of humans trying to email.uate domething not natural often not not giving time examinations and in fact exposing vulnerable citizens to organized attacks destruction of life properties must to dismay to their own religious teachings include what is happening in Burma now not unknown in our own land sending many seeking refuge in other countries on the way create anger creations of terrorism eith counterattack against the ordinary citizens lack discipline order create make killings murders abductions sll while member of organizations said to guard human rights violations still not admitting it. All countries must like it or not respect human rights not seek power glory at the expense of life death various risks to citizens of the land
  • Reply to: Setback for Pohottuwa   3 days 13 hours ago
    Mr. Alahapperuma should know better. Whether the error or non conformity was minor or major, what is wring is wrong and simpley because this wrong was overlooked or ignord during the previous regine it does not mean that the wrong is ignored. We salute the Elections commisions officials for conforming to the rules and regulations by being impartial for all parties. There is no provision to say that minor wrongs should be ignored and and major nwrongs also to be ignore simple because they have been ignored at previous occassions. Rule is a rule and cannot be twisted according to the whims and fancies of some politicians who are in the habit of twisting the law to suit their ends. Well done Election commissioner. Stick to the rules and you should be fine!!!!!!
  • Reply to: Ranjan stands firm in SC   3 days 14 hours ago
    Three Cheers to you Ranjan! you are a super hero and a real "One Shot" in-deed fighting against corruption in political arena as well as judicial arena. We know this is not at all a simple task considering the power these fronts hold. You are a true representative of the grievances of the general public who voted you into the Parliament giving highest number of preferences in Gampaha District. In an era when many a voter regrets for the vote he has cast to dirty politicians who are light years away from the pledges they made before elections, you seem to be swimming against this undercurrent of dirty politics setting a very good example for all of us civilians to follow by standing against irregularities and corruption to their level best. To repeat, I salute you Ranjan.
  • Reply to: Tapping Sri Lanka’s Adventure Tourism potential   3 days 14 hours ago
    As the necessary regulatory framework in Srilanka is weak, insufficient or virtually non-existant utmost care is absolutely necessary when commercial interests invade the pristine nature! Already tourisme sector regulator is to be blamed for the present anarchy in Yala and other nature reserves.
  • Reply to: UNP will romp home at LG polls - Senasinghe   3 days 15 hours ago
    With the help of footnotes.
  • Reply to: Ranjan stands firm in SC   3 days 17 hours ago
    Ranjan,we know that you are an honest politico,do not worry the the Judiciary cannot touch you or harm you
  • Reply to: SIRIMAVO’S ENFORCED EXILE   3 days 19 hours ago
    Sirimavo was the bane of SL as was her husband who changed the course of this country to the detriment of the people.