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  • Reply to: BMW ends up in Diyawanna Oya   1 day 11 hours ago
    That Beamer is a pricy car. That Car has no registration no insurance most likely it would be impounded without batting an eyelid in California. I suppose things are different in Sri Lanka.
  • Reply to: Malik woos top Japanese investors at Tokyo Investor Forum   1 day 18 hours ago
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  • Reply to: Rule of law, key to Democratic Governance   2 weeks 1 day ago
    In this rule of law, minimum standards of equity, justice and good conscience are spelt out. As this professor of law points out, there needs to be equal protection of the law for all uni. registered students in any declarations. There was no breach of law for SAITM medical students, but on the contrary, SLMC was given court verdict, a judicial decision to register them for internship as SLMC had violated the Medical Ordinance. Due to the 10 year terrorist war that had been declared on SAITM by the GMOA, its President has contempt of court case this week and wants to erase SAITM in order to be freed of his violation. Both SLMC and GMOA are receiving the consequences of their own actions. The Executive President with the GMOA agreeing ordered the transfer of SAITM students to KDU after declaring SAITM abolished. But GMOA still needs to collect some innocent SAITM students for their illegal private medical school TWIN COURSE to force into Russia with job agents, knowing well the future chaos for these gullibles. Even if SAITM and KDU may have differences in A/L, since this transfer by President is in a terrorist war situation, he would be justified to put whole SAITM group into KDU as a ONETIME TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE solution to end this conflict. All SAITM students need to go to KDU as one CLASS and be saved from GMOA agenda.
  • Reply to: A significant step   2 weeks 1 day ago
    It is the diaspora responsibility to correct the evils of the country from 1956 to 2009. Citizens politicians blame every sources other than their own backyard cultures. Elected politicians are elected because some are totally incompetent because of their contradictory docial statement all we suspect lack of proper level of social understanding and in many cases there were no moral discipline. Pity one may say need lot of rethinking among religious social political with media pundits playing a vital role educating the public. Country come first citizens second but politicians must depend on defend forces to dolve the county,s social problem if not they may not be here in few years
  • Reply to: Peace and reconciliation high on Govt's agenda   2 weeks 1 day ago
    Missing persons success limited time not done is a factor a case of negligence in spite of all complaints by the public. Causes many murder kidnapping buried destroyed burned . Strong suspicion by public defence especially army in various titles across the land proper documentation with witnesses vital. Individuals different ethnicities fear hate suspicion lead to killing kidnapping who knows some escape the island living abroad. Investigating skills needed fear etc may prevent in some cases. Judicious use of facilities with intense desire to solve problems
  • Reply to: Jobs for all unemployed graduates soon - President   2 weeks 1 day ago
    President true to his promise handed over appointment letters, real and genuine action. So do to the promise of transfer of SAITM students to KDU rapidly, as we urge him to use his Executive powers again to iron out any differences that arise in the transfer as to "EQUATE BOTH GROUPS AS A ONE TIME ACT OF TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE" for a complete solution, leaving no room for dispute with GMOA/SLMC. We warn, GMOA will demand an unapproved, illegal, once failed, TWIN COURSE, sending unsuspecting, already locally approved SAITM students to Russia, with bribing to GMOA and its private medical school of many founders. Students will experience chaos only later, just like now.
  • Reply to: Peace and reconciliation high on Govt's agenda   2 weeks 1 day ago
    Hon. Minister, Great attitude to work with. OMP is a genuine heart cry which needs peace, even though frauds, political motivation and many other agendas try to ride it for self service. There is a need to distinguish the genuine from the frauds so that the former can be laid to rest for completion. Craving for power specially to hide their robbery and murders will drive humans insane. You cited MR in 1989 risking carrying OMP documents to Geneva, now in opposite camp in crazy power suffocation. He did the same to SAITM students at A/L granting scholarships with media coverage and fanfare for local MBBS, but today opposing and joining hands with GMOA who plan to send some to Russia fraudulently on an illegal TWIN MEDICAL COURSE, financial bribes and academic twisting. Most humans are wild and need law and order so that innocent, gullible, unsuspecting students are not manipulated by mafia to lose all they have and their very ability to continue studies. Terror is real. Why cannot these already govt. approved eligible SAITM students to be transferred to KDU be taken as the one CLASS they are at present and allowed to complete local MBBS as registered. If there are minor discrepancies, surely H.E in his passion to eliminate fraud has the Executive power to EQUATE BOTH IN A ONE TIME TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE to bring solution of Peace and Reconciliation, Law and Order. Personal heart cleansing from trap of karmic recycling is the answer, not external rituals.
  • Reply to: President promises corruption free development drive   2 weeks 2 days ago
    H.E focusing on irrigation tanks shows his concern for the people of the area. Similarly, education is what is valued so much by all, is promised transparency without corruption in the expected path. GMOA appeared to be honest helpers of SAITM which it earlier destroyed, towards a "recognized MBBS in KDU" so that govt. approved legal local SAITM medical students could complete their training to serve this nation. Now GMOA in league with SAITM owner is starting their own private medical TWIN CONCEPT which requires sending to Russia in a financial trading exchange. While GMOA/SLMC is struggling in Supreme Court to reverse judgment of internship, SAITM is not entitled to be part of any twin program which has to be between 2 recognized parties. When SAITM is recognized, there is no need to go to Russia. FCID needs to investigate this misleading of innocent students who are only registered locally. Outcry to abolish SAITM was to get the head of GMOA out of contempt of court case this week. Now this is an illegal private set up with job agents to send some SAITM to Russia, an already failed venture 10 years ago. H.E please see that all SAITM students receive justice and are sent to one place KDU to complete as they are registered locally and are not going to Russia on illegal course. Parents need to be warned about the trap laid for them. Sanity must prevail in the midst of terrorizing pressure as H.E has executive powers to save innocent students.
  • Reply to: MR cannot subvert Constitution based on LG polls outcome - Sampanthan   2 weeks 2 days ago
    Sampan than is in politics for years. His knowledge of law government affairs is above most who are in parliament while may be there but there knowledge of law etc is well below par. There is legal consftitution written by agreement moral constitution what is right and wrong based on social philosophy human relations social constitution based on respect trust corporation kindness to one another
  • Reply to: Consultant Gynaecologist debunks claims about “sterilization pill”   2 weeks 2 days ago
    Finally a professional speaks. If a women takes only one pill to avoid getting pregnant then she will find out the truth in a hard way. Please educate the public, at least the idiots who started the riot in Ampara.
  • Reply to: Fifty percent of oranges, apples and grapes contain pesticides   2 weeks 2 days ago
    I worked as an environmental scientist in State of California. I tested produce routinely for pesticide residues. In California, any produce that contains pesticide above allowable limit is removed from market place immediately. That is the law. Chlophyriphos (organo phosphate) is banned in California on produce due to toxicity to children.
  • Reply to: Consultant Gynaecologist debunks claims about “sterilization pill”   2 weeks 2 days ago
    Consultant need to brush up his knowledge.
  • Reply to: Consultant Gynaecologist debunks claims about “sterilization pill”   2 weeks 3 days ago
    It is not important whether sterilization occurs 'by one intake' or not. It is important whether someone has used any chemical with the intention of sterilizing another person. There is evidence that the parctice was known to people for sometime. I found many 'tablets with such sterilizing ability' listed in the internet; therefore any medical practitioner trying to defend the offenders have to be very careful of what they say.
  • Reply to: Consultant Gynaecologist debunks claims about “sterilization pill”   2 weeks 3 days ago
    As stated in his own comments, continuous exposure to such "pills" can cause sterility.
  • Reply to: More powers for Bribery Commission to prosecute   2 weeks 3 days ago
    Surely Health Minister cant be blind to the GMOA struggle to force send some SAITM students to Russia with SAITM owner, CEO, Job agents, SLMC Twin Course with 5 fold offerings to AP. Minister to hand over to FCID to add to contempt of court of AP. All struggle to fleece clueless students with illegal degree giving false hope. President has ordered SAITM transfer to KDU recommended earlier by GMOA. There cant be any discrimination amongst this ONE CLASS who have been passing medical exams. together and need to complete now and not restart their 10 years. Such money crazy insanity in GMOA/SLMC is dangerous patient care. Over to you Health Minister.