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  • Reply to: Arrest warrant on former Ministry Secretary   6 hours 50 min ago
    who had given him the rights to transfer the money to HK ? was it Ravi K. Then he is guilty of this fraud too. get all these guys to payback and put them behind bars for max 30 years.
  • Reply to: Family politics   6 hours 52 min ago
    We have produced a new constitution to eradicate the ethnic conflicts but none is said of lessons learned in the so said national languages and a minimum international language proficiency for those entering Politics
  • Reply to: Another batting collapse hands Pakistan series 3-0   7 hours 46 min ago
    Are we mentally scarred by the thought of going to Pakistan for a T20? We should sack the coaches for not teaching our batsman how to rotate strike when boundaries are not forthcoming. Sadly Chandimal was the main culprit who slowed the innings down to a standstill after the bright start from our openers. Chandi is a Test Cricketer not an ODI player. Why is Kapugedera playing despite his continuous failiares at international level, has he got political support?
  • Reply to: Govt. ready to accept Mahasangha’s solution to SAITM issue   10 hours 2 min ago
    Minister Kiriella's governing policy is democratic and much appreciated. SLMC could inspect Rajarata and Eastern to show how superior the SAITM standards are. Now they have a free hospital full of patients too. Besides, SAITM now has had 2 further extra years of training more than their approved course. The purpose of the final training in internship is to iron out any deficiencies under strict supervision of consultants with practical hands on training as decision making doctors. GMOA has no authority over education except of their own members. Since GMOA cant submit to govt. it is good they bow the knee to Prelate Theras authority. Nevertheless, a court verdict has already released justice and internship to SAITM MBBS.
  • Reply to: ALL DEBTS TO BE SETTLED BY END 2018 - PM   11 hours 4 min ago
    How can Sri Lanka settle all debts which is over 650 billion USD and over 9 billion to China? Do not mislead the public what you cannot do
  • Reply to: New Inland Revenue Bill will increase revenue by Rs. 45 billion: Finance Minister   11 hours 38 min ago
    We better think of reduce irregularities in spending govt money rather than scrutinize people to collect funds....
  • Reply to: Govt. ready to accept Mahasangha’s solution to SAITM issue   12 hours 2 min ago
    Can the people ,who have not entered a university even for a rain , solve the problem?
  • Reply to: Reconciliation delayed, harmony denied   12 hours 33 min ago
    Country in crisis mainly political and politicians are in a habit of not speaking the truth of their beleif divided they stay they can be stay in politics for ever irrespective of their honesty competency sad to say education religion upbringing has not alter he concept os staying where they are appears like some regions of the world public do not snalyse their representative elected politician dome are there with hate speech many are ill educated which also lack proper education in religion history of the country failure to recognize lanka will be a paradise if politics parliament citizen understood unity is one thing that will bring unity prosperity to country education is free but underlying knowledge etc across country is poor.biolence hate jealousy craftiness will dominate the society
  • Reply to: Govt. ready to accept Mahasangha’s solution to SAITM issue   14 hours 16 min ago
    They do not trust any of you. They have a good nose for politicians.
  • Reply to: Reconciliation delayed, harmony denied   14 hours 27 min ago
    A rare and enlightened opinion from a Sinhalese. Thank you. However, no soldier who murdered civilians is a national hero. Only an impartial inquiry will tell if murderers are posing as heroes. Our judges have been anti-Tamil for too long and only foreign judges being involved will give us findings that all can accept.
  • Reply to: President supports Pakistan to host 20th SAARC Summit   17 hours 53 min ago
    porkistan is a very very dangerous place. if you want to get killed, go there.
  • Reply to: Govt. ready to accept Mahasangha’s solution to SAITM issue   19 hours 15 min ago
    We cannot come to a satisfactory solution unless the Minister of Higher Education who has personal family interest in continuing with SAITAM is kicked out. along with the Minister of Health.
  • Reply to: SLC goes soft on Gunathilaka ban   1 day 7 hours ago
    Gutless SLC Board cutting the initial suspension by half. There is no discipline in SLC anymore due to the pampering of the cricketers by the Board.
  • Reply to: Girls above 10 years to be vaccinated against HPV   1 day 7 hours ago
    Japan has removed this vaccine off its schedule due to the high number of adverse reactions. You cannot suck this vaccine out if it causes damage in a child's body once it is in there. This vaccine is danger, danger, danger. Be warned.
  • Reply to: Good Governance will exist until 2025: Navavi   1 day 11 hours ago
    If this is good governance hate to think as to how we will survive till 2025. The "Yahapalanaya" Government has introduced a totally new definition to "Good". Anything goes under "Good".