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Minister fixes time to discuss alleged threat made to GMOA

Labour and Trade Union Relations Minister W.D.J. Seneviratne has fixed a time and date to discuss the complaint made by the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) in connection with the alleged threat by Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne, Labour and Trade Union Relations Ministry sources said.

According to sources, Minister Seneviratne will meet the GMOA on May 23 (next Tuesday) at 3.00 pm to discuss the matter.

The GMOA had made an official complaint to Minister Seneviratne requesting his intervention to solve the issue of an alleged threat made by Minister Dr. Senaratne against the GMOA on May Day this year. Minister Seneviratne had stated that the Government is not repressing any trade union as it is not the policy of the Government. The Government is not establishing any ‘Force’ to repress trade unions. This had been confirmed by both the President and the Prime Minister. The Government is liable to protecting the rights of all trade unions according to the International Labour Laws.

Minister Seneviratne had also stated that the best way of resolving issues is through discussions and therefore the Ministry is willing to hold a discussion with the GMOA. It is expected that important and productive decisions would be reached during the discussion. 




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GMOA fearful of threats when it does not even obey court verdict. Classic joke to get rid of Health Minister. Elimination of competition is their political and financial theme. Trying to match SLMC grenade threat.

W.D.J.S. means Weeds, Drugs, Joints and still a Survivor. My foot his coordinating secretaries caught by Police Narcotics Bureau with full of illegal joints and ganja on R'pura C'lombo road .... my foot...

I must remind the minister that Trade Unions are there to protect employee rights and not to get involved in toppling the government. GMOA has no ditect TU right to change the govenment policy on education.

It is sad indeed as there is no politician to take action against the GMOA who threaten lives of the General Public. The political play John engaged with Rajitha, hardly bring back the death due to GMOA inhuman union actions.


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