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Garbage management made essential service

President issues special gazette notification:

Any obstruction will be deemed as an offence:

A special gazette notification was issued yesterday making garbage management at all Local Government institutions an essential service, on the directive of President Maithripala Sirisena.

Accordingly, the garbage management process including collection, transport, temporary storage, processing and classification has been made a compulsory service from yesterday midnight and the relevant gazette notification was issued by President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday.

Any type of obstruction to carry out these services will be deemed as an offence and those involved in such activities would be dealt with under Public Security Ordinance.

Such a person or persons can be arrested by a Police officer without a warrant.

Those found guilty of such offences face rigorous imprisonment following prosecution.




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Please include the abolition of proliferation of "Sili sili" bags, except for food wrapping together with the gauge and strictly implement it, on a permanent basis.

Nero fiddles whilst Rome is burning! Ranil Wickremasighe talks about issues just to satisfy his ego. When Narendra Modi comes to Sri Lanka next month he will be accompanied by Top Indian Administrative Service Officers who run the affairs of state and are empowered to handle National issues as non political Advisors to the Government of India. Therefore the visit of PM Ranil to India shortly must be viewed as a gross waste of National resources when there is a well structured opportunity to discuss diplomatic matters at the highest level.between India and Sri Lanka thus making the announcement of another trip useless and only serve as an avenue to escape the real issues of the country thereby hoodwinking the people as is his usual unproductive stance. People realising his ineffectiveness and arrogance kept him and his capitalist cronies at bay on over 20 times till he piggy backed into power on the shoulders of the 2015 ,making a mountain out of a mole hill on the financial mismanagement of Rajapakse and continuimg to use this 'Scapegoat' to cover up his own misdeeds as presently exposed which surpass those of the Rajapakse regime by over two two fold in the ineffective two year period which has heaped economic misery on the people. The SLFP under President Maitripala Sirisena is more than competent to effectively manage the economy of the country and bring redress in lines with the clear vision of the Late Hon. SWRD Bandaranaike.

This is like closing the Stable door, after the Horse has bolted! First Things First! Educate the Public about Responsible Garbage Disposal, in their own Homes, and in Public Places! People go to Beautiful Tourist Attractions like Waterfalls, and Ancient Sites, and Strew the Surrounding areas with 'Buth Kola' and empty Plastic Bottles. No Covered Bins are provided, to separate Recyclable items, from Perishables. Notices should encourage the Public to take their Garbage, Home, and dispose of it responsibly!

I am glad that the Essential Services legislation has been invoked in respect of Garbage Clearance. The same needs to be done in respect of Health and Medical Services. In the 1960's when the doctors were led by the late Dr PR Anthonis a threatened strike was quickly thwarted by invoking the Essential Services Act. I remember that the special legislation included provision for confiscation of assets of those who defied the Order. The Government seems to be looking for a way to deal with these wildcat strikes. Perhaps this is the way to go. Trade Unions need to be reminded that their function is to look after the interests of their members. Disruptions for other reasons should be dealt with firmly.


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