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SLR prepares to amend its Constitution

by Gayan Abeykoon
November 17, 2023 1:24 am 0 comment
SLR President Nalin de Silva

After lifting the ban on November 10, World Rugby has provided guidance to the Sri Lanka Rugby, setting a timeline leading up to the next Annual General Meeting in February 2024.

According to the instructions, a Special General Meeting will be held before the end of January 2024, followed by the Annual General Meeting conducted under the new constitution in February 2024. This timeline has been specified by World Rugby.

The Sri Lanka Rugby (SLR) committee will deliberate and reach a conclusion regarding the new constitution. It’s essential because World Rugby’s bylaws always acknowledge duly elected bodies, a norm observed globally.

Representatives from various stakeholder groups will collaborate to formulate a new constitution for the Annual General Meeting. These stakeholders include World Rugby and Asian Rugby, a representative from the National Olympic Council, one from the Sports Ministry, one from the Sri Lanka Rugby, a school rugby representative, a club rugby representative, a provincial rugby representative, and a representative from the rugby referees society.

“We’ve been instructed by World Rugby to establish a constitutional review group, with each. The Gazette ban was lifted in a court settlement following the resignation of former Rugby President Rizly Illyas on September 13. Although the Sports Ministry resumed operations after the court settlement, the World Rugby suspension was only lifted on November 10. The current system, established in 1992, grants significant power to the Provincials.

World Rugby has permitted the elected council, without Rizly Illyas, to continue, with Deputy President Group Captain Nalin de Silva leading the same council until February 10, 2024. The Annual General Meeting is scheduled to take place after this date.


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