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Naufer Maulavi named as mastermind in Easter Sunday attacks – Minister

FBI, Australian Federal Agency confirmed this, cases filed accordingly :

by malinga
September 23, 2023 1:08 am 0 comment

Public Security Minister Tiran Alles said in Parliament yesterday that the international investigations regarding the Easter Sunday attack have been completed and the cases have been filed according to the investigations. Following investigations by the FBI and Australian Federal Agency, a person called Naufer Maulavi has been identified as the mastermind of this attack. The Minister also said all have to come to an agreement and enforce the law on those who are responsible for this if the Opposition has no trust in this regard.

Who is Abu Hind is a question. Abu Hind is not a myth and it’s a trick. The LTTE also did the same. During the time of former President R.Premadasa, a person named Babu was given access inside the President’s residence. This person took the information and intelligence and killed former President Premadasa. That’s how intelligence works. 26 blood samples were taken for DNA testing. 11 of them were spoiled. 11 samples were again taken from the spoiled samples. Then 86 samples were taken including the samples collected from those who were buried. It was only then that it became positive.There is no evidence that IP Abubakr ever abducted Sarah Jasmine in a car. The report of the investigating officers was given to the Attorney General’s Department asking not to indict him. But the Attorney General’s Department filed a case. That’s how he got interdicted. After several years in prison, he now sells king coconut at a junction.

Suresh Salley had not called Jameel. Only his wife had called Jameel. We have that data. He asked why Naufer Maulavi was not brought to testify in the Presidential Commission. He was not brought to testify because of the friends of those who are accusing the government today. Former President Gotabaya transferred Shani Abeysekera due to several reasons. Ravi Seneviratne retired as usual. But you said that he was transferred. About 125 officers have been involved in this investigation.

Only four have been transferred. The Opposition is trying to say that they do not trust the people of the Police Department. I request MP Ranjith Maddumabandara to give me the list of the officers who were transferred in connection with the investigation. I will find out in this regard.

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