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‘A Quiet Place’ sequel scores 2020 release date

Here’s some news horror movie fans won’t be able to stay quiet about. Coming off the sweeping commercial success (hello, $332.5 million in worldwide earnings!) and critical acclaim (what’s up, reviewers who called the film “one of the most inventive and beautifully crafted and acted” horrors in recent history?) of John Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place’, Paramount Pictures has stamped the sequel with an official release date.

Deadline confirms that the sequel to ‘A Quiet Place’ will creep into theaters on May 15, 2020.

Krasinski, who co-wrote, directed, and starred in ‘A Quiet Place’, is working on the follow-up film’s script and is set to produce, but he hasn’t been tapped to direct as of this writing. It’s unclear whether Krasinski will get behind the helm a second time, or if Paramount will select a different filmmaker to bring to life the next chapter in the blossoming horror franchise.

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