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Dematagoda accident: mother, son granted bail

The two suspects  being brought to court.  Pictures by  Susantha  Wijegunawardana


The 15-year-old boy and his mother arrested on the charge of knocking down a 10-year-old girl and her 47-year- old mother at a pedestrian crossing in Dematagoda were yesterday ordered to be released on bail by Colombo Additional Magistrate Chandana Kalansuriya.

The 15-year-old boy and his mother were ordered to be released on a cash bail of Rs.10,000 each with two sureties of one million rupees. Meanwhile, Court directed the suspects that compensation of Rs.100,000 be paid to the aggrieved party as a relief payment.

Furthermore, the Court called for child probation report regarding the 15-year-old boy and ordered him to appear before a probation official with immediate effect. The victims, Weerasinghe Arachchilage Anula and Samadhi Rasmika were killed when a car driven by 15-year-old boy crashed into them. Further magisterial inquiry into the case fixed for February 25. 


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This has become a comedy in Sri Lanka to cover the accused with bed sheets and face covers. In the West they are exposed so that they would be ashamed of what they did. In Sri Lanka they are bold enough to commit the offence but ashamed to be brought before justice. Expose them forthwith

There is nothing to do with the Attire or Face Covering in the West 24 hours females are entire body is opened and the Judge knows to deal with it and no advise needed from the publiuc

This accident was waiting to be happened looking at the attire of the poor illogical boy and the mother. How can these humans have their senses fully operated, while driving when their clothes has denied the full flow of their senses. Courts have to take these matters very seriously when the accused parties appear for the case.

Two lives lost. This judge value them at 100000 rupees which is a mere 750 dollars for both. 375 dollars each life!. I would like to see how much it would have been if the dead was his family members. There seem to be something fishy here. Is the old guard is still active despite the cry for change.

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