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Sri Lankans must work to end all discriminations - Minister

Justice Minister Dr. Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe mentioned yesterday (16) that people’s will and media  support are highly important to promote peace, harmony and co-existence between nations.

He said that there was no Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim or any other racial discrimination among the people of Sri Lanka a few decades ago and said that there was an era when Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim students studied together in the same school.

He highlighted the need that all the people should work together to eliminate the doubts and fears.

The Minister also pointed out that the people living in Jaffna have strong faith in the government’s programme.

The Minister presented those facts while attending a press conference held at the Justice Ministry with a representative of the Canadian Tamil Congress.

Addressing media he further said that the people dealing with the Canadian diaspora have the same opportunity as any other Sri Lankans to start their business activities in an area of ​​their choice in Sri Lanka.

The Canadian Tamil Congress representative Panchalingam Kandaiah handed over a letter issued by the Canadian Tamil Congress thanking the Sri Lankan government for removing the Canadian Diaspora organization from the list of banned organizations in the country.

While lauding the right direction of the government to improve the peace and reconciliation process, they also emphasized on the urgent steps to be taken with the aim of creating a long-term coexistence in order to recognize and respect the Sri Lankan identity.

Minister Rajapakshe also assured that all Sri Lankans will be treated equally and without discrimination while giving the opportunity to the people dealing with the diaspora to start and develop their business activities in Sri Lanka.

He also expressed appreciation for the Canadian Dravidian Congress’s recent funding for the medical needs of government hospitals in the Northern, Eastern and Western Provinces. The Minister also stated that he would request Canadian Tamil Congress President Sival Ilango and Executive Director Danton Thureiraja to come to Sri Lanka with the aim of expanding relations with all Sri Lankans for the future development of this country.

He said there are no questions in the world without answers pointing out that the search for answers to those questions cannot be divided into two parties.

He added that even if there are opposing views between the two parties, they should be discussed at the round table to find solutions. The Minister further mentioned that it will be possible to develop the country accordingly.


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