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Three new seismic stations from China to Sri Lanka

There are currently four seismic stations in our country. They are located in Pallekele, Buddhangala, Mahakanadarawa and Hakmana. Earthquakes are still a new experience for us. People's Republic of China has pledged to provide us with three more fully equipped seismic centers. We will establish one of them at the Western and North Western Provincial Boundaries.
We receive all three seismic centers pledged by People's Republic of China as donations. Therefore, we will be covering 07 seismic stations in the near future.
Our country has not yet been hit by a severe earthquake in recent times. Although the 2004 tsunami occurred, the earthquake did not occur in our country. But we cannot say for sure that there will be no earthquake. Therefore, we will establish all the facilities required for seismic study in the country.
Also, sand, gravel, and soil excavation sites have become extremely dangerous due to the lack of a proper rehabilitation program. The Minister of Environment Mahinda Amaraweera stated that it is the responsibility of the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau to issue permits for excavations and to rehabilitate the excavated areas after the completion of the excavations.
An earthquake and earthquake awareness program was held at the Oak-Ray Hotel recently for journalists in the Kandy District. The seminar was organized by the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau. The Minister of Environment as well as GSMB Chairman Anura Walpola, Director General Sajjana de Silva and several others was present at the occasion.
The Minister further said, Over the next two months, we will launch a new program called 'Let's Listen to the Earth ( මිහිමවට කන් දෙමු) ' as ​​a program to rehabilitate excavated sites as well as to manage land resources properly. One of its steps is to expand seismology studies.
Journalists are more concerned about protecting the environment than ever before. I thank all of them for that. It was the journalists, not our government officials, who provided the bulk of the information on the environmental destruction that has taken place around the Mahaweli River in Kandy. Despite government officials turning a blind eye, journalists have done their job well. We are conducting this program to further motivate journalists and to open the eyes of sleeping government officials.
When journalists asked officials about the actions of those who built hotels on the Mahaweli River, it became clear to me why those officials were as dumb as those who drank the decoction. Officers who neglect their responsibilities are not fit for public service. If they live on the salaries of the people, we should provide a fair service to the country.
Therefore, I must say that I do not protect any of the erring officials, ”he said. GSMB Chairman Anura Walpola as well as Director General Sajjana de Silva also spoke.

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