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Milk import ban unacceptable

No viable local alternatives by next year

The unresolved imported milk powder issue which has been dragging for the last several months without a proper solution has become a serious matter even today, a Senior Milk Powder Association (MIA) member said.

He said the existing shortage of milk powder remains unresolved due to a lack of foreign dollars.

The MIA member said the imported milk powder issue had never happened in our country earlier since the Government had allocated necessary funds to import milk powder from Australia or New Zealand which are the main milk powder exporters.

He said the statement made by Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa that the country is expected to stop importing milk powder from next year, the MIA member said such announcements could be treated as unacceptable.

The MIA member said the best option is to announce the plans the Government will take to develop the local liquid milk production by providing facilities to cattle farmers.

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