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Rizwan at the helm of Beruwela FC

M.S.M. Rizwan
M.S.M. Rizwan

M.S.M. Rizwan Hadjiar has been elected as the new President of the Beruwela Football Club at their Annual General Meeting at the Alipp international school in Dharga town on September 13. The AGM was held under the patronage of outgoing President M.S.M. Paswan.

M.R.M. Zinan of the Dhargatown United sports club was elected as the General secretary while H.N.M. Nimsan (Beruwela Great Star), A.R.M. Badhudeen (Dhargatown YMSC sports club), M.Z.M. Yasir Arafath (Beruwela Palparin sports club), M.F.M.Ifthikar (Dharga Town United Club), M.R.M Zanufa (Dharga Town Dharga York Sports Club) were elected as vice presidents.

Mohammed Akbar was unanimously re-elected as the treasurer.

M.N.M.Rimsan (Beruwela Super Sun Sports Club) was elected as the Assistant General Secretary) while M.A.M.Riplan (Dharga Town United Sports club) was elected as the Assistant Treasurer.Anura De Silva, president of the Sri Lanka Football Association was the chief guest and M.M. Rameez was the guest of honour at the AGM.