Get together to save UNP – Ruwan Wijewardene | Daily News


Get together to save UNP – Ruwan Wijewardene

The United National Party (UNP) Deputy General Secretary Ruwan Wijewardene yesterday stressed the important of the unity of all members to save the party during its difficult period.

He made this request in a statement issued to mark the UNP 74th Anniversary.

“We have to stand up amidst destruction and defeat. It is obvious that one could meet a precipice once he or she reaches the top of a mountain. We fall into a precipice if we are too weak to stay on top of the mountain. We have suffered such a fate today. It is essential that the party should understand its errors and come up once again. It is also essential to unite all sections within the party and walk towards victory. This should be done to safeguard the county’s democracy for the sake of the working class, for the people whose minds are distorted by gimmicks. However, people will embrace reality soon. We should be ready for the final battle as that happens. Time has come for us to get together,” Wijewardene said in his statement.

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