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‘Dhamma essential to guide youth’

Dhamma education is key to teaching love, compassion, and tolerance to youth, Pingalpoththa Raja Maha Viharaya Chief Incumbent Ven. Dunukedeniye Kusaladhamma Thera said. He was speaking at the annual prize-giving ceremony of Sri Sumangala Dhamma School in Gokarella, on Monday.

The thera said that Dhamma School teachers bear the great responsibility of imparting the knowledge of the Dhamma to younger generations.

Ven. Kusaladhamma Thera said, “We live in a world of confusion. There is no peace in our homes. The Buddha’s teachings have to be respected and followed to ease the tension in human hearts and society.”

Through the Dhamma, people could understand the values of humanity. No one can expect to reap good by propagating evil, he added.

The thera also said that Buddhism could be utilised to bring solace to the globe, where humans are shrouded in conflict.

He added that the government has given the highest recognition to Dhamma Schools to guide younger generations on the right path to become great citizens.