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Join hands to develop district, Karuna urges TNA,TULF leaders

Former Minister and United Tamil Independent Front Leader Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan said the Tamils are being cheated and taken for a ride by Tamil National Alliance (TNA) whenever necessary for their own benefit.

Addressing a meeting in Annamalai in the Ampara District, he said Tamils gained nothing through their so called leaders. “They have learnt a good lesson now. At present, a very good administrative machinery has been established under the able leadership of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and therefore we must make use of this opportunity to solve our problems without any hesitation. If we fail to do so, we would go further in the parlous state. So,the Tamils should be careful to take wise decisions in the future.

UTIF Leader Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan participated in a meeting to discuss on the improvements and urgent needs of the Veppayadi Central Dispensary in Annamalai in the Ampara District on Wednesday.

Muralitharan called on TNA Ampara District member Kaveenthran Kodeeswaran to join hands with him to develop the area and solve basic problems of the people. He advised him to think of the future of the Tamils.

“We both can do wonders in 2020 and go ahead with the development era in the future and can create a revolution in the District. I am determined to undertake this task after visiting several Tamil villages in the District and seeing the plight of civilians. I feel so sorry and worried after seeing certain areas. Although they have all resources, no one has extended them a helping hand.

“So, we all should get together for development and prosperity. People have now realised that the TULF has no guts to serve our community. Hence, people have lost confidence in Tamil Leaders. Understanding the plight of the Tamil Leaders all are rallying round us. Similarly why can’t you all come together and come under one flag. So, extend your hands for development, for peace and prosperity of our community and the nation as whole,”he said. 

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