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Pouty pooch

Sprout, a three-year-old Brussel Griffon, was named after his mother’s (randomly specific) love of vegetable puns. His Instagram tag line?

“Just trying to make it in the hustle and Brussel of NYC.”

With a love of both puns and sweaters, the miniature pooch has a massive following, with more than 146k fans on Instagram alone.

“I am a smooth coated Brussels Griffon, which is a type of dog, not a woodland critter, gremlin, ewok or other mythical creature,” reads his website (you didn’t think he didn’t have a website, right?)

Based in downtown New York City, his hobbies include sidewalk cafes, rooftop parties, Central Park, and sleeping on the subway. “On occasion, I engage in dog-like behavior, namely, playing fetch, barking incessantly at toys I have intentionally dropped off the couch, and zooming around the living room for no apparent reason,” says his website.

His nicknames include Sproutie, Sproutito, Bandito, Puppito, Puppers, Sweet Potato and, sometimes when he’s feeling especially cheeky, Sir Sproutie Von Brusselington. According to his owner, he gets extraordinarily pouty when he’s tired. Which naturally, makes for a very cute photo op.

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