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SLFP registered to contest presidency alone - Sumathipala

SLFP MP Thilanga Sumathipala disclosed yesterday that the SLFP had already registered itself as a political party preparing to contest the forthcoming Presidential election. “We might contest either as a single party under the hand symbol or as a coalition under the betel symbol,” he announced.

Addressing news media in Colombo he claimed that a large number of political parties, independent institutions and civil society members have pledged their support to the SLFP as it is a mainstream political party following a middle political path.

“The SLFP is not willing to go on a temporary journey for temporary gains that will erode its status as it is becoming a decisive third political entity at this crucial time. The opportunity given by the people of this country will be used to further protect the party and serve the people. The SLFP will give leadership to the people who will not vote either for the SLPP or the UNP. We know what exactly the people want from us and we will take further decisions by considering the requirements of our supporters as well as the people of this country. Over 20,000 supporters who gathered at the Sugathadasa Stadium for the SLFP 68th Convention requested us to protect the SLFP identity without being a cat’s paw of another party,” Sumathipala said. MP Sumathipala was speaking at a press-briefing held in Borella yesterday.

He said that SLFP had three objectives – namely, nominating President Maithripala Sirisena as a Presidential candidate, making the SLFP as the determining factor at the election and also building an anti-UNP alliance for the election.

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