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Rootcode Labs unveils new corporate headquarters in Colombo

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony of Rootcode Labs with Founder & CEO Alagan Mahalingam
The official ribbon-cutting ceremony of Rootcode Labs with Founder & CEO Alagan Mahalingam

Along with ambitious plans to build world-class software from Sri Lanka, Rootcode Labs recently, unveiled its new corporate headquarters in Colpetty, Colombo.

The Founder and CEO of Rootcode Labs Alagan Mahalingam said, “we are extremely delighted to open our new state-of-the-art corporate office in Colombo, which is a home for some of the world’s best engineers.”

“Being in the industry for more than 5 years and building products that have been nominated as the best in Asia and Europe, we foresee Rootcode Labs turning into an integral force in the Sri Lankan Software industry and to be an important contributor to Sri Lanka’s economy.” “With many challenging international projects coming onboard, we are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. If you become a rootcoder, you’re our family for life,” he further said.

The company’s solutions primarily include, developing mobile applications with the use of latest technologies such as React Native, Native iOS and Android; building robust web apps with backend scalable to millions of users and providing consultancy and offshore teams that augment with its client’s team, bringing great software products to life.

Rootcode Labs even goes to the extent of building a small part of the desired software free for first time customers. The reason as to why the company invests in this is to provide its clients an opportunity to ascertain as to how great it is to work with them.

From an idea through to planning and execution, the management and technical team works tirelessly to deliver and its clients are able to experience every bit of the development process through continuous progress meetings and feedback sessions.

“Once the product is complete, Rootcode Labs runs it through rigorous internal and external testing, by the use of various devices and operating systems, before going live with a limited or full release. It does not end here, as the company also has a 24x7 support team for maintenance working across different time zones, ensuring that the clients need not worry, other than expanding their product horizons.”

Promoted throughout the world as the ‘Island of Ingenuity,’ the IT/BPM sector in Sri Lanka is highly attractive for many reasons and is one of the highest growth areas in the country’s economy, with numerous companies producing world-class software products and services, making it one of the largest export segments.


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