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NCP health authorities urge Ministry to resolve staff shortage

The North-Central Province's health authorities have requested the Health Ministry to resolve the dearth of staff in the province immediately.

There are currently vacancies for five paediatricians, six consultant physicians, and 41 dentists at hospitals in the North-Central Province (NCP).

A spokesman of the North Central Province's Health Services Department told the Daily News that although there were 667 doctors in the province, only 500 of them were available. Of the 744 nurses in the province, only 577 were available, he added.

The spokesman said that there has been a shortage of 235 family healthcare staffers, adding that there were also 30 vacancies for pharmacists and laboratory assistants.

Furthermore, the Padaviya Base Hospital, the Thambuttegama Base Hospital, and the Medawachchiya Divisional Hospital needed X-ray machines and ultrasound scanners immediately, he said.

Of the six base hospitals in the Anuradhapura District, only the Thambuttegama Base Hospital had seen some improvement so far; while of the three base hospitals in the Polonnaruwa District, only the Medirigiriya Base Hospital has been developed albeit partly. The Padaviya Base Hospital needed six dialysis machines and the Thambuttegama Base Hospital needed two doctors capable of handling dialysis machines, the spokesman said.

He added that the Kebithigollewa District Hospital also needed a doctor capable of handling dialysis machines.


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