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Association of Sports Federations Society launched

Officials at the launch of the Association of Sports Federations Society. Picture by Saman Sri Wedage
Officials at the launch of the Association of Sports Federations Society. Picture by Saman Sri Wedage

The Association of Sports Federations Society (ASFS) comprising members affiliated to a number of well-established Sporting Federations and registered with the Registrar of Companies was introduced to the public through a media event held at its registered address, 45/6, Alwis Place, Colombo 3 on Wednesday, according to a media release.

The main objective of the ASFS is to get all those involved in administering sports in Sri Lanka to come together to create a multi sports culture and by these means, to develop and enhance the concept of Sports for All.

To be successful in achieving these challenging and important tasks, the principles of transparency, accountability in governance and strengthening of stake holdings and partnerships must be brought to the forefront, without giving priority to any personal agendas.

Through the active participation of the ASFS, it is expected to provide support and advise to all members of Sports Associations which are practicing any sport registered with the Ministry of Sports in Sri Lanka, to overcome practical issues being faced by them with regard to popularizing and developing their respective sports and to become a voice of support for them.

Aims and objectives of the ASFS are: a) Be a common platform for sportspersons and sports administrators to come together to share their experiences and knowledge, ideas and best practices and to also explore possibilities of sharing physical assets that can be common to the respective sports; b) To become one strong voice in the name of sports and to take up any causes hitherto neglected or ignored; c) Promote camaraderie and understanding amongst all sporting federations; d) Create an enabling environment towards promotion of good health, leadership and team spirit through sports in order to better contribute to society; e) Promotion of awareness of a clean and green environment through sports; f) Promote transparency, accountability and good governance in sports; g) Bring sports in Sri Lanka to international standards and maintain such standards through regular interactions and exchange of ideas amongst the membership.

All sports federations affiliated to the Ministry of Sports and or the respective iInternational federations can be members of ASFS.

The founding members are Sri Lanka Archery Association, Sri Lanka Athletics Association, Sri Lanka Boxing Federation, Sri Lanka Canoeing Association, Sri Lanka Fencing Association, Sri Lanka Football Federation, Sri Lanka Modern Pentathlon Association, Sri Lanka Rowing Association and Sri Lanka Winter Sports Association.



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