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NTB to launch Employee Trust Proposition for employees

Ramanika Unamboowe
Ramanika Unamboowe

Nations Truest Bank’s Employee Trust Proposition will be launched today (2) for its employees.

Executive Vice President VP-HR at Nations Trust Bank PLC, Ramanika Unamboowe said that the Bank is preparing to be a leader in HRM.

The role of HR has changed drastically in modern times. We are constantly changing and adapting to new requirements, particularly with Nations Trust Bank’s drive towards a digital future,” she said.

“Our vision is to, ‘help people and businesses achieve today’s goals and tomorrow’s aspirations’ and this extends to our people too. After all, without our awesome team, we would not have reachedthe heights we have in this industry.”.

“This is why we have developed and created a compelling Employee Value Proposition. With our drive towards digital banking, as an organization we are looking to attract the right talent. We want to position Nations Trust Bank both internally and externally as a sought after organization to work at and be a part of. Through this proposition we want to inspire new entrants and our existing team to do bigger and better things”.

HR has gone from being an administrative department to being a strategic partner to the business.

In addition to being a strategic partner, we have also become employee advocates. Our knowledge about our people allows us to inspire them to deliver, feel engaged and attain a work-life balance.The biggest challenge is the generational change of the workforce from Gen X to Millennials.

“With our commitment to digital banking, we have a strong need to attract a disproportionate number of people from science, technology; engineering and mathematics backgrounds (STEM fields) as we need to spur innovation. Here again our Employee Value Proposition has been designed to position Nations Trust Bank as a place that’s suitable for those from STEM disciplines to build a sound career”.

Recognizing and Rewarding employees for exceptional work is also importantfor engagement and we have a series of quarterly awards programmes that culminate in two main awards programmes.

“One is the Magnus Awards that recognizes 12 major achievements including “Employee of the Year” and “Best Service Person”. The other is the Retail Banking Awards,especially for our branch employees. Sports are alsoactively encouraged and we areactive in the mercantile sports circuit”.

Our Employee Value Proposition also assists us in keeping employees engaged. While it willhelp attract new talent from outside, it’s designed to provide our people with a sense of pride and passion to be working for Nations Trust Bank.

“We have moved to a cloud based HRMS system in keeping with the bank’s digital strategy. Afirst in the banking industry in Sri Lanka, we’ve come up with an HR app, “Nations Connect”.The app allows employees to apply for leave, claim overtime, checksalary details, update their payslips, personal information and process multiple claims online in real-time”.


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