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Amal and 15 others likely to be deported

Lawyers bargain for lenient sentence on Amal and Nadeemal:
Prosecutor agrees to grant conditional, fine-based bail:
20 suspects to be produced before courts on feb. 27:
Toxicology tests results pending:

Singers Amal and his son Nadeemal Perera who were arrested at Makandure Madush’s son’s birthday party in Dubai are likely to be released on conditional bail. This is upon a settlement of a fine along with 15 others who would be deported to Sri Lanka once the case is taken up on February 27, lawyers told the Daily News.

“We spoke at length with Bur Dubai Police and the Public Prosecutor (PP). Nadeemal and Amal wish to return to Dubai for performances so we have requested that their visas not be revoked. Their visit was sponsored for by a third party and the duo did not have any knowledge that it was a party for Madush’s son. They have no links to any of the criminals who are under arrest,” lawyer Shabdika Wellappili told the Daily News from Dubai. “The Public Prosecutor has agreed that depending on the toxicology results, a lenient sentence would be passed and the duo with 15 others are to be deported.”

Wellappili said that according to UAE laws, both he and counsel Udul Premarathne could put forward a bail application on behalf of their clients which they would do this week. “The blood and urine tests of Amal and Nadeemal are still pending. Dubai police have conducted multiple rounds of tests and the prosecutor is awaiting results of the tests which will come before 27th.”

“It is unfair to judge Nadeemal and Amal based on this isolated incident as having links to the underworld.

Nadeemal and Amal are not wanted individuals in Sri Lanka or Dubai.

They are performers who would return to the Dubai once this matter is laid to rest,” said Wellappili.

Wellappili said that Bur Dubai police were led to the party when they had received complaints of loud noise and probable use of narcotics at the scene, which is the basis for the case. The Bur Dubai police had completed their investigation and the case is now with the PP. “The Prosecutor have told us that both Amal, Nadeemal and as many as 15 others are likely to be deported once the case is take up before Dubai courts on 27th.”Both lawyers do not know who the other 15 are but said that teledrama actor Ryan Van Rooyen is among the group that is to be produced next week. “Nadeemal and Amal were very keen that their visas are not permanently revoked as they wish to return to the country and we have pleaded with Dubai authorities to issue a lenient sentence,” Udul Premarathne told the Daily News.

Unusual activity prior to arrest

The duo had told the lawyers that they suspected unusual activity when they realized that they were being constantly followed and photographed upon arrival to Dubai.

“They believe this may have been a targeted ploy to arrest other individuals, which unfortunately led to their arrest as well. Both of them are willing to make a statement regarding the matter once they arrive in Sri Lanka.”

Likely to be arrested upon arrival?

Meanwhile sources in Sri Lanka said that it is likely the group could be arrested upon their arrival to the country. “We first need to see the charges that are passed on and the conditions for their release on bail. The department of Immigration and Emigration will ascertain if any of the local laws were violated by these individuals which will form the basis for an arrest. As for the release of the criminals who are wanted in Sri Lanka, the Attorney General will have to arrive at a conclusion,” the source said.


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