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Alleged assault of PC

Special Police team to arrest Badulla district MP

Bandarawela Police yesterday deployed a team to locate and arrest Badulla district Parliamentarian Chaminda Wijesiri who is reported to have been involved in the assault of a Police Constable attached to Police Narcotics Bureau opposite the Bandarawela Post Office on February 10.

The MP and his security personnel had allegedly assaulted the PC after the latter’s jeep overtook the MP’s vehicle in the Bandarawela town. A Police team has searched MP wijesiri’s residence and office yesterday but the suspect was not there.

A senior Police officer in the Badulla district said that Police has informed Courts and the Speaker that the MP in question will be arrested on the charge of assaulting a Police Constable and obstructing his duties.

A warrant has also been issued on a Police Constable who is attached to the MP’s security detail over this assault and police is on the look out for the suspect too.

Wijesiri was informed to be present at the Badulla Police station to obtain a statement over the incident. But, the MP has failed to turn up at the Police station.



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