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Gamperaliya rural development programme

All projects to be completed before Aug.31

All development projects scheduled for this year under the Gamperaliya rural development programme should be completed before August 31, the General Treasury has informed all District Secretaries.

Under the Gamperaliya programme, the General Treasury has allocated Rs.300 million for each electoral division totaling Rs.48 billion for 2019 for public welfare projects and public infrastructure development projects.

“The General Treasury has also informed that the payments for all the development projects implemented investing this money should be settled before the end of September this year,” the General Treasury said.

The Gamperaliya rural development programme is implemented by the present government and it covers 12 sectors including the irrigation renovation, road infrastructure development, construction of small bridges, playground development, drainage system development in the urban areas, weekly fair and children’s park development, drinking water projects, and power supply projects for the poor families.

Secretary to the Ministry of Finance and Media Dr.R.H.S. Samaratunge has instructed all the District Secretaries regarding the implementation of the Gamperaliya Programme.


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