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‘Amazing Amazon’ comes to Sri Lanka

The allure of the Colombian Amazon jungle reaches Sri Lanka through the work of the Colombian photographer Nicolás Van Hemelryck With the support of the Cultural Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, and thanks to the donation of a series of photographs of the young Colombian artist Nicolás Van Hemelryck, the Embassy of Colombia will present the ‘Amazing Amazon’ exhibition from the 6th to 9th of June 2013 at the Barefoot Gallery in Colombo.

Within the framework of the plan to strengthen commercial and cultural relations with Asian countries, and since the environmental agenda regarding sustainability and conservation is one of the most pressing current global issues, Colombia is stepping forward in assuming a leadership role in this arena given its rich biodiversity.

The Embassy aims to get close to the Sri Lankan people through a cultural and environmentally sensitive perspective.

Natural beauty ties together these two nations and this exhibition is about sharing that natural heritage and commitment to its preservation.

 Amazing Amazon Amazing Amazon


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