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HE conflict claims 1,420 elephants during past 13 years

About 1,420 wild elephants and 911 persons have died due to incidents of human-elephant (HE) conflict during the past 13 years. These figures have been confirmed by the Wildlife Conservation Department, as per its recent report issued to inform parties concerned. Details are as follows:

In 2005, 82 elephants; in 2006, 117 elephants; in 2007, 110 elephants; in 2008, 153 elephants; in 2008, 136 elephants; in 2010, 123 elephants; in 2011, 137 elephants; in 2012, 110 elephants; in 2013, 110 elephants; in 2013,100 elephants; in 2014, 104 elephants; in 2015, 117 elephants; in 2016, 131 elephants; in 2017 (upto July), 60 elephants have thus died.

A senior official attached to the Kurunegala Wildlife Conservation Department Regional Office, told the Daily News yesterday that immediate steps are currently being taken to minimize the deaths of wild elephants in forests and that the government has allocated a sum of Rs. 320 million to conserve the wild elephant population in the country, this year.


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