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Mucky monkeys mucking about

The indescribable menaces of monkeys are almost, day in and day out, in the Vavuniya town can be intolerable. They freely move into the residential areas, where people live. They destroy fruits, plantains, papaws, mangoes, young leaves, blooms and king coconuts, in which they put an eye hole to drink, and so on.

Not only that they enter inside the houses through small openings and annihilate the things but also dirty the places by defecating, in the absence of the residents, during the day time when they were out for work or other purposes. Most importantly, they get into the kitchen and eat food items and devastate the place by damaging the containers of the provisions rice, flour, sugar, grains and so on.

Personally, I experienced the trouble of monkeys, in my area Kurumankadu. Seriously, monkey bites also often take place; that happens when the people try to chase them away they get furious and approach to bite them. Remarkably, small children are afraid of monkeys.

Some from the neighbourhood complain with regrets, monkeys sometimes, take their valuable documents, items such as phone, purse, chain, bangle etc., and throw them somewhere else. Worst of all, we are unable to dry our washed clothes as they take them off from the lines and put them in the next door compounds. Residents who stay home, light firecrackers to threaten or curtail the monkeys; however, they are not scared as they are used to it and continue their pranks with dominance.

On the one hand, monkeys enter the human territory, in search of food and water, because they face a habitat loss as humans impinge on their territory. On the other hand, people of Vavuniya, Kurumankadu, face an immense predicament by the stray monkeys. We, the residents tried our hardest to chase them away, unfortunately, could not succeed in our attempt. Therefore, I would like to bring this issue to the limelight to the relevant authority, wildlife department of Sri Lanka to take serious abrupt action no sooner than later, to safegurd the dwellers as well as their belongings.

Subajana Jeyaseelan
Vavuniya Campus


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