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Faith-based ‘Samson’ easy to relate to

Lindsay Wagner, who plays Samson’s mother in the faith-based action film, “Samson,” said it was easy taking on the role since she has two children of her own who are always “kind of living on the edge.”

“I have two boys,” Wagner, who became an icon in the 1970s playing Jamie Sommers, the tennis pro who became a government agent with bionic strength, told Newsmax TV host John Bachman on “Newsmax Now” on Tuesday night.

“They are both very physically active. They’re certainly not of Samson’s strength, but they are stuntmen, so they are always kind of living on the edge, and I really empathized with Samson’s mother in the sense that every time he would leave the house, leave the village, she never knew if she would see him again.

“So, it was very easy to relate to her journey, and when he was in emotional pain, which she learned a lot more about in the film – it hurts when your children hurt – so it just seemed like an easy thing.”

“Samson” is based on the biblical Hercules, a man of supernatural strength who defends his people and sacrifices everything to avenge his love, his people, and his God.

The movie was produced by Pure Flix, a Christian movie studio that produces, distributes, and acquires Christ-centered movies.

“They are definitely looking to do and are executing, for sure, films that more people can relate to,” Wagner said. “They are bringing them up that the values are what’s important, the values are what are universal. And the personal journey, for example, in this case of Samson, he’s a human.

“He’s not from another planet. He’s not fighting gargoyles and things from other places. His journey, his battle are the same thing that we all go through. It’s internal. It’s his own demons, which he beautifully speaks about.”

Taylor James, who plays Samson, said the movie is easy for any audience to connect to.

“If you know the story, or if you don’t, it’s a beautiful story,” he said. “So, whether it’s faith-based or not is irrelevant in my opinion. It’s just rich in material.”

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‘Samson’ will be released from February 16 at Majestic Cineplex - Colombo/Empire Arcade -Colombo/Regal -Gampaha/Plaza - Kaluthara/Liberty Lite - Collpetty, Vista Lite- Ja Ela and other fuilm halls islandwise. It is a CEL release 


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