It is the incumbent president. He epitomizes strong understanding and cool judgment. A prismic view of the political behaviour of the recent past of the country and the great many speeches the Sri Lankan electorate listened to drive home the idea that the incumbent president seems to be on the grooming for a genuine leader for the country which has been eroded by mass scale ransacking of the public coffers in broad daylight.

President strongly understands the status quo of the debt-ridden nation and his judgment without fear or favour and signals the nation a turning point of the nation’s body politics. It seems that the president feels the heartbeat of the people. Sensibility is much needed in nation building. The severe lack of sense and sensibility of the rejected leaders bear ample testimony for its relevance in leadership. Creeping into the legislature through the backdoor when one is discarded into the political dustbin is a disgrace in our country.

His recent views on forming a broad front of uncorrupted intelligentsia could be a welcome note to the weary nation. And as a writer with a literary leniency, I would like to make a fervent request to harness classical literature for a future good governance strategy with a neoclassical approach in line with the poetic icons in this sphere John Dryden and Alexander Pope. They adroitly advocated the paramount importance of rationality in ruling a country, not in uncertain terms. It is still valid under any circumstances.

Global image

Irrationality in the political mind set both at the grass root level and the epicenter of power have been ruining the country during the last two decades. The irreparable damage done to the body politics and the total global image of the nation has become the beggar’s wound in the long run. Yet, the far reaching precautionary measures taken by the astute leadership of the president blocked the furtherance of the cancerous effect. Proverbially, with regard to the foreign policy frontier, the country emerged through the ashes as the phoenix.

We lost Geneva due to our Zimri in politics. The smooth inflow of foreign aids and the direct investments by foreign nationals prompt us to think that the nation is on the correct footing for the time being. Any off shoot political attempt to sabotage this political path in the short run would haul the country to a precipitous abyss. It would be a crime unpardonable to the hilt.

Political development

In my silent observation of the recent political development of the country, I was able to realize that a great many social, political, economic, health, global educational and other issues in almost all the spheres were insightfully imbibed by the president keeping the judgment reserved for him to declare at the correct time at the correct place. Not to be at the wrong place at the wrong time seems to be his guiding principle. For strong understanding and cool judgment Elenor is the perfect example in the tapestry of English fiction. Sense and Sensibility authored by Jane Austen gives us a mountain of evidence to be easeful through cool judgment. The president is veritably of that sort and I was taken aback by his witty references to the Central Bank bond issue that stormed the whole country. The sinister efforts to sweep it under the carpet became futile because of his stately craftsmanship that is fitting to a global leader.

Bofaur scam in nearby India and the Watergate in the USA brought much harm to those countries in the long run and from time to time they still emanate the peculiar nauseating bad smell. The bond commission could be viewed as one of the phenomenal triumphs of the timely cool judgment of this great leader of farsightedness.

The most conspicuous aspect of this great political figure of our time in my little understanding is that he is tamed by much needed sensibility that a national leader in turbulent times should essentially need. Aversion of nepotism, negativity to dictatorial rule, blockade of the wastage of national income, social justice, reservation for the underdog and many resurrecting measures boldly taken for the uplift of the country deserve the nation’s respect.

Let me reimagine that the leaders are born, not made.



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