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Milad Un Nabi messages:

Reflect on Prophet’s teachings: PM

Muslims all over the world believe that Prophet Mohamed was the Last Prophet, the one who preached a message of goodwill and peace to the world, stated Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in his Milad Un Nabi message.

The message added: “He lived a life exemplary to his followers, filled with kindness, love, compassion, fellowship and sharing.

“He brought unity and peace to Medina in Saudi Arabia, which at the time was torn by sectorial violence and strife. Today, all Muslims gather at Medina, a holy and a sacred shrine in Islam. It is imperative that we recall this on his sacred day of birth.

“In commemorating this occasion with the deepest bonds of fellowship and co-existence, it is time for us to reflect on the values he taught and shared with the world, as we look to emerging as one nation in a spirit of peace and harmony.

“I take this occasion to wish all Muslims celebrating the Prophet's Birthday, a blessed time of rejoicing.” 


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