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Taj Samudra launches C350 Mercedes fleet

Taj Samudra Colombo launched yet another luxury-service in keeping with their quest to pamper their in-house guests.

A brand-new fleet of Mercedes vans and cars - The C 350-designated fleet of Mercedes vehicles, beckons the guests to luxuriate in the feel of being pampered during their hotel stay as they venture out on their daily excursions. Taj Hotel leaves no stone unturned when it comes to indulging their valuable clientele as this is part of a broader platter of indulgences offered by this unique, world renowned hotel.

The luxury fleet of Mercedes which gives a Carbon Free Footprint as they are hybrid cars set the pace for a new phase in Taj Samudra's contribution towards a greener world. Symbolizing the ‘green’ concept makes it less harmful to the environment, in comparison to the internal combustion engine vehicles which run on gasoline, diesel or other alternative fuels. The environmentally- friendly vehicles signifies the dawn of a new era as Taj seeks to make an impact through its goal towards creating a better and cleaner world.

The launch coincides with the authenticity and distinctive concept of “Tajness” which encompasses the guests with a special sense of being served by their most favored hotel. The unique concept leaves an indelible feeling of warmth in the hearts of the numerous guests who stay at the hotel throughout the year.

Taj Samudra has ignited a spark which is all about, “embracing one's inner self,” a philosophy which seeks to portray the art of hospitality within the hotel in itself.By edifying the traditional values of Sri Lanka's rich cultural heritage, it wishes to conceptualize ‘Tajness’ which is the brand and operations ethos for the future. In essence, by incorporating the local culture, the hotel seeks to reawaken a legacy which guests will feel proud to be a part of. 


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