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[CITIZENS' Mail - (09-10-2017)]

Practise Buddhism, instead of preaching

About 40 years ago, Buddhism was written into our Constitution and since then it remained in there without action being taken on the all important clause where Buddhism is given its due place. However, the Mahanayakas of three Nikayas, the Presidents and Prime Ministers including all in Parliament did not draw their attention to this clause. The inclusion was done with a purpose that Buddhism is the state religion according to Buddhist principles in governing the country.

Instead, the government is controlling liquor, slaughtering of animals, night clubs, gambling dens with licence, trade union members and all and sundry that falls into that category. No rallies should be allowed to invade the road. These unruly trade union and other such gatherings obstruct highways, block hospitals and doctors on strike. No strike should be allowed as a right but they should gather peacefully, discuss problems and bring solutions.

Sleeping on the pavements and sitting on strikes are taboo as Buddhism teaches peace and silence and all matters should be resolved by discussion and also by peaceful means.

This inclusion in the Constitution where Buddhism is the major religion should be attended to whilst respecting other religions. This Buddhist way of life with non-existent liquor shops, gambling dens, slaughter houses of animals, betting centres should be given pride of place.

This would give meaning to the Buddhism included in the Constitution and if none of these remedial actions is taken, Buddhism will be confined only to a word and no results. May all be happy and content!

Bassett Perera 


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