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Mini meals from Tiny Kitchen

A tiny plate of nachos, a pizza the size of your fingernail and an impressive beef wellington that is only an inch across… These are just some of the adorable miniature meals cooked up for an online show called Tiny Kitchen, by US video creators Tastemade.

Every mini ingredient is cooked using doll’s house kitchen equipment, so every dish is really edible. The videos rack up tens of thousands of views - and its claim to fame is that the model Chrissy Teigen is the channel’s biggest fan.

The tiny food videos by Tastemade were inspired by a series of viral Japanese Youtube videos by Miniature Space, one of Tastemade’s partners.

In Japan, the obsession with all things ‘kawaii’ - ‘cute’ - meant that the videos of tiny food being cooked up quickly became a hit.

Now Tastemade produces a whole online series dedicated to showing viewers how the miniature meals are created, from tiny doughnuts to a mini apple pie.

A Germany company made the working doll’s house kitchen for Tastemade that you see in the videos, as well as the tiny utensils and cookware used to make the edible dishes.

The videos were already popular, but their fame soared this week after Sports Illustrated model Chrissy, the wife of singer John Legend, posted a stream of tweets about the series.

Admitting she had become obsessed with watching them, she wrote of the creators of the videos in one tweet: ‘”This person is so f***ing weird”, I said, as I watched my 97th tiny food video.’

A day later, she posted a video on Twitter of someone sneaking up to catch her watching yet another tiny food video on her laptop in her luxurious kitchen.

‘Please help me,’ she wrote above the video, suggesting her interest in the videos was bordering on an addiction.

Now the model is the only account that the Twitter account which tweets the Tastemade videos follows, an accolade Chrissy said she was ‘proud’ of.

The tiny kitchen isn’t powered by gas or electricity. Instead, the food stylists and chefs light a tealight for the oven and stove.

Burgers only take seconds to cook, while a pineapple upside down cake puffs up in minutes. Sometimes, normal-sized ingredients make their way onto the Tiny Kitchen videos.

For a banana split recipe, a pair of hands cuts a whole banana using a minuscule knife. It’s an odd sight, like a giant invading a mouse’s world. But it goes down a storm with viewers.


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