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OPPO to launch Lineup A71 with selfie focus

OPPO, a leading global technology brand, is set to launch its latest selfie technology with a spectacular design.

OPPO brings for its consumers the new camera phone A71 which is equipped with Octa-core CPU+ 3G RAM and 3000mAH battery, will enter the Sri Lanka market.

OPPO A71 will not only achieves breakthroughs in itsfunctions with an Octa-core processor and smoother user experience, but also inherits core OPPO photography technology with Beautify 4.0 on the front camera and optimized rear camera to capture life’s fun moments.

Also, the slim metallic uni-body of A71 will makes it stand out at first sight. The OPPO A71 will be launched in Sri Lanka on September 19. OPPO A71 will be released in black and gold colours and will be available in offline stores nationwide.

Commenting on OPPO A71, Tom Zou, Chief Executive Officer of OPPO Sri Lanka said,‘We are happy and excited that Sri Lankans will have best-of-both-worlds with OPPO A71– attractive price and impressive speed. On top of that they will get to enjoy all advantages of what OPPO has been doing in capturing and sharing the best moments of your everyday life’

The new OPPO modelis expected to enable smoother multitasking and switching between apps delivering a faster and more convenient experience for taking photos, watching videos and playing games.

The new OPPO model will anticipated to carry the legacy of its predecessors which are acknowledged as game-changers in mobile photography – especially in terms of ‘selfies’ and more recently ‘groupfies’ and will capture OPPO’s unique photographing arithmetic, delivering more natural selfies with greater detail. 


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