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Sonia Aggarwal to play a cop in her next

Sonia Aggarwal is all set to play a cop in her next, Yevanavan. The film, which stars Sonia, Vincent Asokan, newbie Akhil and Tharan in the lead, is directed by Natty Kumar. Talking about the project, Natty says, "This one's a thriller. Social media is a boon and bane. While some are using it to their advantage, many youngsters are misusing social media. Sometimes, they make mistakes even without their knowledge and get into serious problems. The film revolves around them and how they land up in trouble. Sonia and Vincent play investigative cops."

The director, who had earlier directed two films — Meiporul and Panithuli, is excited about this one. "Unlike my earlier films, I shot this one completely in Chennai. It is a fast-paced screenplay which will keep the audience at the edge of their seats. Sonia has done a wonderful job and this will be a different character for her. Vincent, too, took six months to sport an eight-pack in the film," says Natty.

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The Tamil film Yevanavan starring Sonia Agarwal and Vincent Ashokan is screening at Kingsly


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