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Mano Ganesan ready to intervene in NPC crisis

Mano Ganesan Picture by Chandana Jayaweera
Mano Ganesan Picture by Chandana Jayaweera

National Coexistence, Dialogue and Official Languages Minister Mano Ganesan said he is willing to intervene in finding a solution to the crisis in the Northern Provincial Council by visiting the North if required.

He was speaking to the media after attending a ceremony held to mark the laying of foundations stones for the new market complex in the Hatton town on Sunday.

Ganesan said certain quarters were pointing an accusing finger at the South for the problem which arose in the NPC.

The present crisis in the Council was the result of problems among TNA Council members reaching bursting point. There was no point in accusing the President or the Prime Minister for this situation because they have enough surmounting problems and issues to deal with rather than creating problems in the NPC. Minister Ganesan said in his capacity as the leader of the Tamil Democratic Union, he would request members of the NPC to resolve their problems through discussion and continue the Council work in a peaceful manner. The Provincial Council system was introduced to find solutions to problems in the Northern and Eastern provinces. The duty of the NPC was to handle development work in the North. Kandyan New Villages Development Minister Palani Digambaram who organised the ceremony and Education State Miniser S. Radhakrishnan were also present. 


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