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[CITIZENS' Mail - (19-04-2017)]

We shall not sabotage development programmes

People appointed a new government for them to develop the country. They are responsible for all development work and other administrative work.

They are answerable to the people. They must show results. Managing assets of the country is their responsibility.

People do not want government changes every two years. We must allow the present government to implement their plans. Opposition can point out any shortcomings. However, the final decision will be taken by the Cabinet and the Parliament.

Opposition should not try to sabotage the development program of the government.

By this irresponsible behavior of the opposition, it is the people who will suffer. Not the politicians.

There is a UNP-SLFP national government. It is the responsibility of the members of the two parties to get together and develop the country.

If any section of politicians want to form a government, they can do that at the next election.

We should not object to everything the government is trying to do. Even if we are in power we cannot do wanders. We must understand that. We are very clever to criticize. We are not capable of doing something and show results.

Trade unions should not try to dictate terms to government. They should not try to control the government. They must understand how powerful a government is. They have lot of power. Government is not using that power. Do not take the advantage because of that.

Trade Unions are there to fight for their rights, salary, working hours, working conditions, their transfers and promotions.

They should not tell the government how to govern the people or how to develop the country. That is not their function or duty. This is like the saying DONKEY IS TRYIING TO DO DOG’S WORK.

We very kindly appeal from the opposition politicians, Trade Unions creating troubles and people who are protesting for unnecessary things –please do not try to sabotage the development plans of the government.

If you want to protest, there is a way to do that. Please discuss the problems with the government in a decent way.




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