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Two Myanmar nationals in distress rescued by fishermen

Two Myanmar nationals found drifting in a raft after falling into difficulty in deep mid sea were rescued by a group of fishermen from Thoduwawa engaged in fishing on February 8 in the Multi Day boat ‘Ilukshi 05’ and handed over to the Trincomalee Harbour Police.

The fishermen told Police that the other Myanmar national would be brought ashore in the multi-day boat ‘Ilukshi -08’.

Police said they were finding it difficult to communicate with the rescued person due to language difference. He had however written his name in English on a piece of paper as I Mauseen, birthday as October 14, 1973 and mentioned the telephone number of his residence in Myanmar.

Captain of the Ilukshi 05 boat W.Nicholan Gerrard said the duo were shouting for help drifting in a raft 370 nautical miles off the coast on January 25 when they recued them. After being rescued they touched their stomachs and signaled that they were hungry. After been provided food, the crew in Ihikshi-08 boat brought one of the men ashore.

OIC Harbour Police Inspector Roshan Damith who helped the rescued person with food said once the other Myanmar national was brought ashore they would produce the duo in Court in terms of the Immigration and Emigration Act.

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