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Chain snatch attempt fails as car stalls

The Police team investigating the case

Two men who snatched a chain from a woman in Ingiriya, were hospitalised after they were attacked by residents on Saturday, Ingiriya Police said.

Police said the suspects who had come by car, had entered a shop near Ingiriya Hospital and threatened a woman by showing a revolver and snatched her chain.

Police added that the suspects were not able to start the car and the woman had started to scream.

On hearing the commotion, residents who arrived, had attacked the two men.

The suspects were admitted to Horana hospital and one was later transferred to the Colombo National Hospital. The suspects are residents of Homagama and Matara.

Police said the car had been rented. Police also seized a revolver, five ammunition and a knife from the suspects' possession. Investigations revealed that the number plates of the car were fake. Police found the original number plates hidden behind a seat. Investigations are continuing. 


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