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  • Reply to: Call to increase MPs’ emoluments   4 hours 15 min ago
    Oh Yes! MPs are in a miserable state!! I am afraid, the country is in a miserable state due to the selfish, mostly uneducated, thuggish and corrupt MPs. The economy and the rupee are going down, the farmers in the country are suicidal due to the effect of Sena bugs and the price of fertilisers, people have no money to give food to their children but MPs have been provided with fat salaries, cars and free allowance of fuel and discounted meals etc yet they request an increase in the salaries and allowances,
  • Reply to: Citizens' Mail (23.01.2019)   16 hours 16 min ago
    I fully agree with the writer that our engineers lack the practical approach and communication skills. It is partly the fault of our parents who dissuade their children to dirty their hands. As students they must orientate in engineering drawing, dismantling and assembling machinery,constructing working models etc, to develop their innovation and conceptual skills. Graduate engineers must work for years on the Drawing board and Construction Projects to get hands on experience in engineering as done in the U K. The best experience a graduate could obtain is working for the Private sector and not the Government service.
  • Reply to: Death penalty against drug traffickers to stay - President   1 day 23 hours ago
    That is an absolute must
  • Reply to: Death penalty against drug traffickers to stay - President   2 days 47 sec ago
    Looks Like Hitler's Salute
  • Reply to: Death penalty against drug traffickers to stay - President   2 days 1 hour ago
    Is that MS's latest Nazi Salute since he rejoined the MR gang of thieves
  • Reply to: ‘No to Federalism, NE amalgamations’   3 days 41 min ago
    Famous Srilankan culture., you can add jealousy greed
  • Reply to: Insufficient time to introduce new Constitution at this juncture - Malwatte Chief Prelate   4 days 15 hours ago
    What the Mahanayake Thera should state very clearly is that there is absolutely NO need for a New Constitution at this juncture. No need to 'pussy cat' around this issue. Also Mahanayake Thera hopefully realises that what many of these Parliamentarians come and tell him are absolute and total lies. He should ask them this question straight. Please don not tolerate liars and antinational elements. MM
  • Reply to: Questions and answers   4 days 18 hours ago
    We are currently dual citizen of Sri Lanka with N I C card,Citizenship Certificate,Driving Licence,Passports etc. Having disposed our permanent residence recently we share living with a close relative and travel abroad frequently. Legally we are bound to notify a change of address on the above documents. However, the government red tape is hindering the process and demanding proof of residence by way of House Deeds,Utility Bills,etc which we cannot supply. Please advise the legal procedure to fix this issue of a contact address change on these documents.
  • Reply to: Insufficient time to introduce new Constitution at this juncture - Malwatte Chief Prelate   4 days 21 hours ago
    stay out of politics and help the poor the free food and opulent life style has fattened your brain
  • Reply to: Comedy of Errors in Politics!   5 days 52 min ago
    the need of the hour for our country in this desperate situation brought about by crafty self seeking politicians is to chase these villains out of politics and for patriotic citizens to come forward to render selfless service to save the motherland
  • Reply to: Insufficient time to introduce new Constitution at this juncture - Malwatte Chief Prelate   5 days 5 hours ago
    Mona pissu kathawakda? Ape agametiya wiyawasthawak hadanne neha kiyala, korahe kimbullu dakinaeka wwrdi kiyala, weerawansata kiwwaneda?'denwath ninden eharila innaela hondai. Agametiya hondaaaaai
  • Reply to: Insurance Industry records 9.9% growth in GWP in Q3, 2018   6 days 14 hours ago
    Sri Lanka is a stunning island paradise in the Indian Ocean with white sandy beaches lavish plant, amazing experiences, incredible wildlife, cascading waterfalls and an abundant heritage. The island of Sri Lanka is approximately pear-shaped. In the 19s and 20s centuries, Sri Lanka wound up being a plantation economy, popular for its production and export of cinnamon, rubber and Ceylon tea, which remains a trademark across the country export. By 1996 plantation crops comprised just 20% of export, and even more decreased to 16.8% in 2005 (compared to 93% in 1970), while fabrics and garments have actually reached 63%. Sri Lanka, with earnings per head of $1,350, still drags a few of its next-door neighbors consisting of Maldives and Mauritius however leads its huge next-door neighbor India. Its economy grew by approximately 5% throughout the 1990s throughout the War for Peace period. According to the Sri Lankan reserve bank stats, the economy was approximated to have actually grown by 7% in 2015, although inflation had actually reached 20%.
  • Reply to: SLPP in disarray as Gota jumps the gun   6 days 20 hours ago
    Of the two brothers there is no doubt Gota, is the better one to get the country into good shape. It does not matter who becomes the President on condition that he takes an Oath not build a Dynasty and do his utmost to annihilate nepotism and corruption with a view to develop our country. A maximum term of two is adequate for a President. Future politicians must be professionals to govern our country with qualifications in the field of Constitution Law,Political Science,Accounting, Economics or a proven track record of his skills, in order to apprehend and assess proposals from other developed countries. They must also have negotiating skills and be fully conversant in English,Sinhala and Tamil. The Politicians should set a model to our country like Fiji Islands and adopt a low profile to alleviate, attachment, desire, greed, delusion among the general public.The present myth of procuring blessings from Astrologers and influential monks is a fake to the educated and a drawcard to the rural folk, with deference to Buddhism.
  • Reply to: Sri Lanka take on CA XI in Aussie tour opener today   6 days 20 hours ago
    Good luck Sri Lanka
  • Reply to: Professionals to Govern the Country   6 days 21 hours ago
    I fully endorse your selection criteria for future politicians. However,I would add another clause vi, viz " should take an oath to refrain from nepotism and negotiating commissions on development projects given by donor countries.