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Cyclists warned of road mishaps, guidelines issued

The police have issued a set of guidelines to cyclists to prevent road accidents and urged them to follow proper precautionary measures.

Police Spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa said that with the fuel crisis in the country the use of bicycles has increased and therefore police have introduced a special set of guidelines to reduce accidents for cyclists, during this period. Police have informed officers on traffic duty to pay attention to the adherence of such guidelines as well. The Police Media Spokesman said 1,202 fatal road accidents have occurred so far this year, out of which 96 have been cyclists. SSP Thalduwa said Police have observed an increasing number of cyclists on the road, which calls for new safety regulations to prevent the increase of accidents.

He pointed out that cyclists should have blinkers switched on when riding during the night time, wear reflectors on the front and rear, so cyclists are visible to motorists and to always wear light colours when travelling in the night, making them visible to other motorists. He commented that cyclists must also obey road signs and pay attention to vehicles in the rear when switching lanes.

The Police Media Spokesman also urged the cyclists to pay attention to safety and follow road rules while on the road.

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