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UCL Partners with a Top Ranked Canadian University to deliver Computer Science Degrees in Sri Lanka

Creating excellent opportunities for discerning students to reach the pinnacle in the IT Industry, UCL proudly launched Bachelor of Computer Science Degree programmes from Dalhousie University, Canada on 28th March 2022 to a distinguished audience, inclusive of dignitaries from the Canadian High Commission;Trade Commissioner of the High Commission of Canada to Sri Lanka Mr. Abdul Majid, Political Officer & Media Officer Mrs. Indirani Jayawardena and the President of the Sri Lanka Canada Business Council Mr. Rajah Abeysinghe, Heads and representatives of leading schools, Other stakeholders, representatives from Print and Electronic media, and Directors, Managements, Faculty and Staff of UCL.

CEO of UCL, Mr. Gihan Silva welcomed the audience followed by the speeches of Directors of UCL Dr. Harsha Alles about the Canadian Transnational Higher Education Opportunities and Mr. Steven Enderby about the quality IT education opportunities at UCL. A message from Prof. Andrew Rau- Chaplin, Dean of Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University, was read in absentia.

The event showcased the excellent opportunities for students to study Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Applied Computer ScienceDegree for two years in Sri Lanka and the final two years at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. At a time when the digital era is creating a boom in job opportunities for talented students, the Dalhousie University 2+2 Degree programme offered at UCL is seen as an opportunity for students to capitalise on theknowledge and skills imparted in Sri Lanka and thereafter having a seamless transition to Dalhousie University Canada for the completion of the degree, benefiting from a massive cost saving of over 10 Million rupees by starting their Dalhousie University Degree at UCL.

Officially welcoming the distinguished gathering, Mr. Gihan Silva, CEO of UCLwas enthused that theexclusive partnership between UCL and Dalhousie University Canadais a trailblazer in Sri Lanka’s higher education sphere,in which a Sri Lankan higher education providerhas partnered with a top ranked U15 Canadian University, to offer the first Canadian Degree in the Sri Lankan market. He reinforced that this partnership would provide the opportunity for Sri Lankan students to secure a quality computer science degreefrom a top ranked Canadian university and become globally sought after IT professionals.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Harsha Alles, Director UCL stated that quality international education is one of the most sought-after investments that Sri Lankan parents and students seek out. UCL was established to fulfill this ambition and make world- class international education more affordable to discerning students and parents in Sri Lanka by providing high quality Transnational higher education in partnership with prestigious global institutions such as Monash Australia, University of Central Lancashire UK and now Dalhousie University, Canada. He reiterated that UCL espouses an uncompromising commitment to offer the most stringent international standards and highest quality of higher education in Sri Lanka. It is remarkable that UCL has produced over 350 Monash Global Awards of Excellence winners, and 80% of the Graduates secured First Class Honours at the inaugural Graduation of the University of Central Lancashire held in Sri Lanka recently. He expressed his thanks and appreciation to the CEO, Dean, Faculty and Staff on these achievements.

Mr. Steven Enderby, Director UCL enlightened the audience regarding the 4th industrial revolution which was changing the lives of people through digital transformation and highlighted the exciting opportunities in the world of IT and Computer Science both locally and globally. In response to this need, UCL offers a choice of high quality globally recognised IT degree programmes that discerning students can complete locally or transfer to Monash University Australia or Dalhousie University Canada. He was confident that Computer Science Degree Programmes of Dalhousie University will help enrich the talent pool entering the global IT Industry in the future.

Dean of Academic Affairs at UCL, Dr. Dhananjaya Kulkarni described the Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Applied Computer Science Degree programmes offered by Dalhousie University at UCL leading to gainful careers in a global digital era. About the curriculum and support available to students, Dr. Dhananjay added that the first 2 years at UCL will provide a solid foundation for students and prepare them to excel at Dalhousie University. The cutting-edge, modern curriculum with emphasis on industry-oriented skills are what students require to start their careers. UCL is confident of maintaining the highest international standards, providing students a very Canadian University-like experience and high student satisfaction. All subjects taught, assessments, student support and delivery methods will be closely linked with Dalhousie.

Special invitee of the occasion Mr. Rajah Abeysinghe,President of the Sri Lanka Canada Business Councilsaid that he was delighted to be associated at the launch of the first Canadian Degree programme offered in Sri Lanka. The partnership between Canada’s Dalhousie University and UCL will and provide the opportunity for Sri Lankan students to gain the experience of Canadian higher education. He also enlightened the audience regarding the activities carried out by the Sri Lanka Canada Business Council towards strengthening the bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and Canada.

Mrs. Erandi Dodamwala, Chief Operating Officer delivered the vote of thanks to the dignitaries, representatives from leading schools and the media for their valuable participation at the event.

It is envisioned that this one- of- a- kind 2+2 Canadian Degree programme will offer an array of benefits such as empoweringstudents to access top- tier academic programmes and quality higher education, developing of technical and behavioural skills for success,guaranteeing exciting internships and highly paid job opportunities at top tech companies globally both during and after the degree.

A salient feature of the Dalhousie University’s Computer Science Degree programmes is the Co-operative Education (Co-op) work - integrated learning model. Co-op allows students to alternate career-focused work terms with study terms giving students a deeper, richer educational experience, real-world work experience, career connections and attractive employment income upto Canadian $10,000 per Co-op work term whilst pursing the degree programme, and have the advantage of gaining high starting salaries upon graduation. Dalhousie University’s Co-op and partner employers include the global tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Facebook, CISCO, Amazon, Spotify, Shell, Lockheed Martin, ExxonMobil, etc.

We believe that the destination city is also key for success of this unique programme. Canada is ranked the World’s No. 1 country for Quality of Life by the US News & World Report, whilst Halifax in Nova Scotia has also been voted as one of the most liveable cities in Canada, will prove to be a city of promises to study, work and live in Canada for Sri Lankan students who transfer to Dalhousie University.More importantly, Nova Scotia offers 3 years post- study work permit and an opportunity to secure PR within 6 months of graduation.

In the aftermath of Covid, the best part for parents is the excellent cost saving mechanism in-built into the programme through which a massive cost saving of over 10 Million rupees is gained by starting their Dalhousie University Degree at UCL. Generous scholarships upto 50% are on offer for students with outstanding achievements in studies, sports or leadership, enrolling for the upcoming May 2022 intake.

These qualitative and quantitative reasons are seen as being integral for parents and students to enrol in this programme. Students after A/Level who have a penchant for IT can avail themselves of this fantastic opportunity to reach the zenith of their career and life. You may call UCL on 0774 777 000 or visit their state- of- the- art campus at 503, Sri Jayewardenepura Mawatha, Sri Jayewardenepura for more information and advice.

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