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Thenuka - a proud Peterite rugby star

St.Peter’s rugby player  Thenuka Nanayakkara in action.
St.Peter’s rugby player Thenuka Nanayakkara in action.

Thenuka Nanayakkara played School Rugby as a three quarter for his alma mater St.Peter’s College Bambalapitiya in the inter schools rugby championship while representing his college football team. Then he went on to represent the Sri Lanka national under 19 fifteen a side rugby team in the Junior Rugby Asiad and Sri Lanka under 20 seven a side national team.

At present he is turning out for CH and FC in the inter club rugby tournament as an exceptional fly half, centre and full back cum place kicker.

Speaking to Daily News Thenuka said “I always saw the importance of team work and the glory of sports; I believe that together as a team we could achieve anything in our lives. Therefore to develop my qualities and the ability to engage in teamwork through sport activities I entered the world of sports”.

“There are many people who have supported me to be the person who I am today, and I am grateful for them, especially my mother and father who supported me with a lot of guidance and love. After my father passed away, my mother was my greatest strength, I would also like to mention my uncle (my mother’s younger brother) and the rest of my family who are my greatest support system. I would also like to mention especially the coaching staff that supported me throughout this journey, starting from Nalanda College- I would like to thank Shakila Perera, Suranga Arunashantha, Dunstan De Silva and the masters in charge.

At St. Peter’s college the great personalities that supported me are Sanath Martis, Rajeew Perera, my elder brother - Banuka Nanayakkara, Sunimal Manamperi, D.P. Udayasiri, Suneth Rukantha de Silva - The Physio, Sunil Aponso and Noel Cooray (Masters in charge). Not forgetting Father Rector and the Sports Coordinator, Rugby Foundation of St. Peter’s College and the past Peterites who have supported me a lot.

My current coaches and the staff at CH - Rohitha Rajapaksa, Dinesh Kumara and Udani Edirisingha (Manager), Alanka Lakmal (Physio) for all the love, support and guidance, hence I am forever grateful to all the people I have mentioned above “.

“I have selected this sport as I saw my eldest brother Banuka Nanayakkara and my other elder brother Shanuka Nanayakkara’s achievements in the sport, I also wanted to play rugby and developed a passion towards this sport”.

“New Zealand’s All Black’s player Dan Carter is my favourite rugby player. Specifically because he is a well settled person on the field and he always has a cool and calm mentality. I also admire his great thinking power and kicking abilities’.

“Throughout my entire life my top priorities are to engage in my day to day sports activities, with good motivation and to concentrate on completing each and every given task effectively by balancing and completing my higher studies to achieve my goals and dreams”.

“In my leisure time, I like to watch Rugby matches. Other than that I also love playing carrom and cricket”.

“My most unforgettable memory is when after eight years, when the Peterites won the 2018 knockout trophy. I was a reserve player at the beginning of the match but in the second half I got the opportunity to play in this memorable match”.

“My all time favourite holiday destination is up country in Sri Lanka, where I love the climate”.

“My favourite singer is Clarance Wijewardena and I also love listening to songs by Kasun Kalhara, and my favourite songs are Malata bambareku se, Sihina lowak dutuwa and Mal Mitak thiyan”.

“One of the greatest accomplishments in my life was when as a team we were able to become 2019 Knockout Champions. Personally, an accomplishment I am most proud of is when I was adjudged ‘Top Points Scorer & Top Try Scorer’ in the Schools Rugby League 2019. Another was recently when I was able to make a contribution towards the glorious victory of the CH team in the CH vs Air Force Commander’s trophy rugby match (2021)”.

“The best compliment I have ever received is that people say that I’m honest and responsible“.

“My favourite movie is Invictus which is a wonderful movie where South African president Nelson Mandela decides to unite the people of his country by supporting their rugby team to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup and my favourite actor is Tiger Shroff, as I like his sense of fashion, his acting and dancing skills”.

“Most of the time I don’t consider comparing myself to others, since we all are individually different and unique with different skills and capabilities”.

“In life I am doing what I believe in. Also I like to believe in everything that I do and I would like to go to the highest level in everything I engage with my maximum potential and effort”.

“Yes, I’m grateful and happy with all my achievements throughout this journey so far as a young man”. On a concluding note Thenuka said that he likes to describe himself as a Optimist and methodical person in life”.

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