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Vaccine hesitant youth pose risk

Chief Epidemiologist warns of repercussions

The younger generation’s reluctance to get themselves vaccinated due to various misconceptions poses a risk of the COVID-19 spreading again, Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Samitha Ginige emphasised.

He pointed out that even while enough stocks of vaccinations required for COVID-19 vaccinations have been received, the country’s youth between 20 to 29 years are not keen to get themselves vaccinated due to certain misconceptions and various posts on social media.

He pointed out that even the groups who have been vaccinated are being inconvenienced at both public and private institutions due to the vaccine hesitant group as the country re-opens.

“When persons who have not had the vaccination come to their jobs and workplaces, they can spread the Virus accidentally. The employees who have been vaccinated will have to undergo 14 days of quarantine. As a result, work procedures of institutions too can be subject to change,” he said.

Dr.Ginige pointed out that people should be flexible in the face of various situations. “By not getting vaccinated, that person as well as members of his or her household, friends and colleagues of their work place and the country itself faces different types of problematic situations.

At the same time those who have been vaccinated face an unnecessary burden,” he commented.

Dr.Samitha Ginige said that due to some persons’ arbitrary actions, an injustice is being done to those who have obtained the vaccine.

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