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‘Art of Tea’ in Moscow

A large number of visitors at the Ceylon Tea Counter.
A large number of visitors at the Ceylon Tea Counter.

The “Art of Tea” exhibition opened at the Centre of Oriental Literature of the Russian State Library in Moscow on May 26, by the Russian Tea Society along with Indian, Japanese, Taiwan and Ceylon Tea. The Tea Promotion Unit of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Moscow participated in the event and introduced Ceylon Tea.

The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate the variety of tea cultures in the Oriental part of the world and in Russia. The exhibition featured rare books dedicated to tea culture, traditional tea pottery and tea samples from Russia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, the Middle East and the Central Asian countries. The Embassy also provided some tea porcelain items in a separate glass vitrine.

The Third Secretary of the embassy Tishan De Silva spoke about Ceylon Tea and its history. He appreciated the support of the organisers and expressed the readiness of the Embassy for future collaboration with them. Around 100 visitors and true tea lovers attended the event.

The central and the biggest place at the tea tasting area was occupied by the embassy stall. Roll-ups featuring the Ceylon Tea were installed behind the counter and a separate rack was provided for tea information brochures and leaflets. A Ceylon Tea video was also being played on the TV monitor for the duration of the exhibition. Tea from seven regions was offered to the visitors. The Ceylon Tea Counter was the most magnificent and popular at the exhibition, many visitors said.